Celebrating Success

Have you ever been told ‘don’t blow your own trumpet’? Unfortunately this and other values like ‘pride comes before a fall’ have been drummed into me to the point that I used to find it really difficult to even recognise to myself that things are going well, I always felt I had to down play any achievements.

More recently though I’ve discovered the value of celebrating successes. First off, as far as chronic illness goes, we have to re-calibrate our notion of achievement, and that’s really hard to do unless we actively pay attention to those small steps we are taking (which are actually huge considering the obstacles we’re overcoming). When we celebrate them and feel good about them we feel more motivated to take the next tiny step.

Secondly, I’ve discovered that we really do attract more of what we pay attention to, and as I want more good stuff in my life, I’m going to have to pay it better attention when it does happen.

So today I’m going to blow my own trumpet. Not completely unashamedly because it still feels a little uncomfortable, but I’m going to do it anyway because I want to attract more success!

Here are three things in my professional life I want to celebrate:

  1. I have reached a land mark with my coaching where I can consider myself an experienced and accomplished coach. I have now coached over 400 group and individual sessions, supporting people to take back control from energy limiting chronic illness.
  2. My blog came in at No.2 behind the ME Association in the Feedspot top 10 UK CFS blog
  3. I also came in at No.9 in their best 10 Chronic Illness blog list.

Celebration number 1 makes me feel good about the way I’m helping lots of people with my coaching and I definitely want to attract more of that feeling. Celebrations numbers 2 & 3 make me feel good about the fact that I am being recognised for the valuable stuff I share on my blog. I want to be able to help as many people as possible with what I share, so I’d definitely like more of that feeling of being recognised, because it can only come from a wider reach!

Is there anything you want more of in your life but have been uncomfortable to celebrate because of that old ‘don’t blow your own trumpet’ saying?

I invite you to celebrate whatever you want to attract more of in the comments below!

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