Letting Go of Worry and Visualising a Happy and Healthy World

With all that has been going on in the world recently it’s not surprising that you may be invaded by worry. With illnesses like ME/CFS where there is an overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system, once the worry switch has been switched on, it can be very difficult to switch off.

Although generally, I have not been particularly fearful my instinct has been to gather as much information together as possible to make an action plan to optimise the safety of my family. The shear amount of information available has been quite overwhelming, and although I am now feeling confident that I have a plan that I can put into place, it’s been hard to switch off that SNS activation.

Today I’ve reviewed all my tools to help me deal with worry and put them together in a meditation. I warn you now, it’s quite a mishmash of meditation styles and techniques but it does the job. I hope it will help you too!

Please share this with anyone you know might need it. Although I can’t get out into the community and help support those in need, I hope I can help people in other ways. I’ll be hoping to share more on dealing with worry over the next few days in a written post. I’ll also have lots of tips to share on dealing with social isolation, over the coming weeks and months!

But for now, find a comfortable position, sit back and press play!

a meditation to help you let go of worry about the scary current events


You can download this meditation for FREE here.

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