Believing in Your Own Magic

What if you believed that you had a magical power to heal yourself and create a life that you love? A bit woo woo for you? But just think about it for a moment….. How would that feel in this moment? Wouldn’t your mood be lighter? Wouldn’t you feel more peaceful knowing that you were absolutely moving towards better stuff? Wouldn’t you feel more motivated with your self-care if you knew, without a doubt, that it was really going to make a difference?

In the last few weeks, I’ve been playing with the idea of believing in my own magic; believing that my power to heal goes beyond the mundane and medically understood. I’ve chosen to play at believing in my power to co-create with the universe, and that there is powerful magic in that partnership.

Approaching the belief playfully means that I haven’t questioned the logic of it, or if deep down I really, really, believe it, I’ve just acted as though I believe it and in just 3 weeks it’s really made a difference! I’m feeling much lighter, happier and enjoying a better sense of wellness.

Belief is really important to our perception; we have a subconscious bias for looking out for evidence to support what we believe and ignore evidence to the contrary. When we choose a belief that serves us in some way, we start to notice the evidence that supports it.

In the past I’ve been guilty of holding a limiting belief that healing from this kind of chronic illness is a slow and difficult process, so of course I noticed how slow it is, I noticed how steps forward were soon accompanied by steps back. I then challenged these perceptions and chose to look at things in more helpful ways, but my subconscious was often pointing me in a direction that I had to work hard to challenge.

But the last 3 weeks have been a lot lighter. I haven’t been noticing that evidence so much. It seems that even play-believing in my own magic primes me to notice the all the ways that life is improving and that feels great!

Moment to moment life with chronic illness can be quite heavy. Taking great care of ourselves can be a responsibility. We even have to work at developing skills that help us experience more joy. I’ve found that playfully believing in my own magic, lightens my energy and makes life more fun. It really doesn’t matter whether or not magic exist, believing it changes my perception and my experience for the better.

Now many might say that believing what doesn’t really exist is madness. But to me, what really matters in life is how we act and how we feel. I’ve always been inspired by Don Quixote. If you google the book, the description is of a man who loses his mind. But when I read it, I chose to see it as a man whose perceptions enabled him to have great adventures, share love in the world and act from his heart, fully enjoying his experience of life. Believing in my own magic helps me enjoy the experience of life more too.

I also have a strong belief (more founded in reality) that the more light hearted and relaxed we can be, the better our conditions for healing. So, believing in my own magic really does help me heal!

Pin for believing in your own magicI’d like to invite you to playfully believe in your own magic… imagine that every time you meditate you are magically aiding your healing. Every time you connect with nature; every time you laugh; every time you love; every time you feel gratitude; every time you eat healthily; every time you drink water, imagine that your powerful magic is boosted by unseen forces, that you are not alone in your healing and then relax, be playful and trust!

This post has been inspired by Sarah Prout and her 21-day manifesting challenge.

Image by Anja🤗#helpinghands #solidarity#stays healthy🙏 from Pixabay

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