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When you have a chronic illness this time of year can be full of challenges and hardship. There’s more contact with people who don’t understand what you’re living through, more pressure to push past what’s healthy for you, and more to miss out on.

In case you don’t know me, my name is Julie, and as a holistic life coach living with ME/CFS myself, I’ve been helping people with energy limiting chronic illnesses overcome the challenges of their condition and get more out of life for nearly 7 years now. Over the years I’ve developed many tools to support people at this time of year, and for the first time, I’m going to offer them all together for FREE!

Holding your Holiday Boundaries: Online Workshop

Sunday 21st November 4pm UK (8am pacific; 11amEST)

This workshop is for you if you can identify with any of the following:

  • You struggle to say no to holiday events that you know are too much for you
  • You feel guilty about how little you can contribute and always end up doing too much
  • You’re too easily tempted by not wanting to miss out
  • Fear of other peoples judgements stops you from taking the best care of yourself

By the end of this workshop you’ll have:

  • A renewed commitment to holding on to your boundaries
  • A better understanding of what stops you from keeping them
  • Tools for dealing with the emotions behind those difficulties
  • Strategies for how to assertively say no
  • Confidence in ignoring the judgements

I really want you to have a good time over the holidays, and that takes good boundaries!

Preparing for Peaceful, Joyful Holidays 5-day Masterclass

Monday 22nd to Friday 26th November

This masterclass is broken into small chunks so that, with very little effort each day, you’ll explore strategies and make a practical plan for how to glide through the holiday season with a smile on your face.

  • Do you struggle with pacing and managing family visits?
  • Does what you have to miss out on gets you down?
  • Do you get overwhelmed by what needs to get done and the decisions involved?
  • Are you worried about the holiday season just wiping you out?
  • You can’t imagine being able to relax until its all over?

Join me for a little daily journaling and a lot of support!

Cuppa and a Chat

Friday 26th November 11am UK time

I’ll be hosting a zoom meeting to get together for a cuppa and a chat. This isn’t intended to be a support group, just an opportunity to spend some quality time together. I’ve got lots of ideas to help us break the ice and connect

Pin for FREE winter eventsJoyful Advent

1st-25th December

A special kind of advent calendar offering the exciting anticipation of something joyful. Every day you’ll find this treat in your inbox. Open to find a 2-minute (or less) video with a different suggestion for how to bring joy into your day.

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