New Membership Program!

Do you have a decent grasp of illness management but haven’t yet been able to create a life that you love?

If you want a life of peace and purpose without risking your well-being this is your chance. I didn’t even dream this was possible at first but 20 years on I’ve made it! But you don’t have to take so long! With my new membership program you’ll be able to learn from all  my mistakes and you’ll get all the support you need to follow the shortest route to creating a life that you love

In January’s free monthly workshop I shared many tips for how to create a life of peace and purpose. None of it was theory, it’s all what I’ve done to create a life that I love. I couldn’t have done it if it involved effort and force because that would have made me sicker, it had to be possible to achieve in a relaxed effortless manner or I wouldn’t have been able to do it. This is possible for you too!

You can watch the recording of that workshop here:

One thing that I have learned though is the importance of support and community. I didn’t do this all alone, I had regular support both with mentors and various communities of like-minded learners. So I’ve created a new community where we can support, motivate and inspire each other to follow the steps that I will share to create a life that we love, or a in my case, a life that I love even more!

The Online Life of Peace and Purpose Membership Program….

  • Is designed to give you all the tools you need to create a life that you love
  • Includes all the things I’ve done to create a life I love despite chronic illness
  • And because I took the time to explore the way, I can take you down the fastest and easiest route

What it involves:

  • Monthly teaching sessions*
  • Monthly group coaching*
  • Monthly workbooks
  • Closed group on Facebook for ongoing peer support
  • Weekly focus reminders
  • Fortnightly online meetings for questions about the workbook topics and peer support*
  • Guided meditations

*Recorded if you can’t make it live

Time commitment: Building up to 30 min/day of helpful practices and 10 mins/ day of learning

Your Investment:

It’s taken me over 20 years to learn all that I’ll be sharing with you in this program and it’s cost me thousands. My coaching services are very valuable ($97 per 45min session) but because of my own health issues my time is limited, so to truly serve my purpose I need to make what I’ve got to share accessible to many more people than I could see one-to-one. Your investment will be a fraction of these figures:

Just €25 per month!! (about $30 or £22)

If you’re willing to give me a little extra feed back it will be just:

€20 per month! (about $25 or £18) for the first 6 months (Feb-July 2018)

Use my contact form to let me know you’re in or email me at!

What you’ll get out of it:

  • A sense of growth
  • A growing sense of peace
  • A growing sense of control
  • A growing sense of purpose
  • A growing sense of balance
  • A growing sense of well-being
  • The satisfaction of self-expression
  • A sense of connection
  • Improving relationships
  • The satisfaction of creating a life that you love

Email me today:

  • Tell me you’re in
  • Tell me if you want to give me extra feedback for the reduced rate of €20 for 6 months (or if you’d prefer to pay the full price of €25)
  • And join us later for the welcome meeting!



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