Work With Me

What kind of results can you expect from my coaching?

  • Manifesting Joyful Wellness faster than ever before
  • A sense of ease and flow in everything that you do
  • The ease of purpose that’s aligned to your inner being
  • More freedom, adventure, playfulness and peace
  • The satisfaction of bringing more love into the world and the bliss of experiencing it flow through you

Please note that my coaching is not about getting your old life back, but creating a new life that is so aligned to who you really are, it will feel so much better than the life you had before!

Empowering spiritual and energetic coaching

We’ll harness your power to co-create energetically with the universe and draw on a divine feminine approach to creating joyful wellness with ease. This means a forward focus on creating the joyful wellness you desire rather than a focus on the challenges of living with a long-term health condition.

The divine feminine approach is all about connecting with your divinity and your soul purpose. It’s about stepping into alignment with who you really are and who you are meant to become. It means nuturing the joyful wellness that is your nature. It means never wasting energy on action that isn’t right for you in this moment. It means letting go of the ‘do’ mentality and discovering the superpower of ‘being’.

I am very familiar with the numerous action steps that can lead to better wellbeing, but my life lessons have shown me, over and over again, that taking action has to be secondary to energetic and spiritual alignment, in order to get results. Aligned action is that which is right for this moment, and never has to be pushed or forced.

Check out my About page for more about me and who I work with.

Individual or Group Coaching?

There is that special kind of magic that comes with group coaching. The journey to transformation can be eased, boosted and uplifted by connection in a warm and compassionate community. Creating as an energetic and spiritual being involves becoming more and more aware of our oneness and the infinite love that flows through us. Transforming in a group can really boost this awareness. This is why I devote most of my time to working in groups.

However, if you feel ready for a rapid transformation and exponential growth, if you would like laser focused, intense support to help you clear your blocks and joyfully create, if you know you are meant for great things and are ready to align to your divine purpose, I would love to work with you 1-2-1.

I occasionally offer a free ‘creating joyful wellness’ discovery session worth £333 to people considering my creating joyful wellness 12-week coaching programme either in a group or with 1-2-1 coaching. Please fill out this questionnaire if you would like to be considered for one of these sessions.

Individual Coaching

  • One Individual 45-min coaching Session £333
  • 3 month ‘Creating Joyful Wellness’ coaching package £3338
  • Follow up coaching 6 x 30-min sessions £1111*

48 hrs notice of cancellation is required for a session to be rearranged without charge. If you need to pay in dollars or euros, please request a quote.

*Only for clients who have already completed one of my programmes

Group Coaching

  • 3 month ‘Creating Joyful Wellness in your Life and your Business’ Coaching Triad £1111
  • 3 month ‘Creating Joyful Wellness as an Energetic and Spiritual Being’ group coaching £997 (max 8 per group)

If budget restrictions are an issue please check out my extremely affordable ‘Thriving with Ease and Joy’ membership programme £33/month which includes some group coaching

Thriving with Ease and Joy! membership programme

Join a community of people experiencing similar challenges working towards creating a life that they love, a joyful life that unfolds with ease.  Check it out on this page.


BSc Human Psychology, Aston University 1991

Advanced Diploma in Person Centered Counselling, Wigan and Leigh College, 2001

Life Skills Coaching Advanced Level 4, Stonebridge Associated Colleges, 2015

The Impactful Coach Programme with Claire MacPherson 2023