Work With Me

What kind of results can you expect from my coaching?

  • Bringing joyful wellness into every-day life
  • A sense of freedom, peace and purpose
  • More ease and joy in your life
  • The power to be happy no matter your circumstance
  • A sense of contribution and self-expression without risking your health
  • The satisfaction of bringing more love into the world
  • Being kind to yourself
  • Spending your energy in more satisfying ways
  • Reclaiming hope without fear of dissapointment
  • A sense of greater control over your life and your health
  • Fewer crashes, bouncing back faster
  • Less overwhelm and more peace
  • Better boundaries and improved relationships

Please note that my coaching is not about getting your old life back, but creating a new adaptive life that could be even more rewarding than the life you had before!

What is my coaching like?

It’s empowering

It’s about supporting you to develop skills, make your own decisions, overcome obstacles and take actions to create a life that you’ll love.

It’s empathic

It draws on my experience of thriving despite a long-term health condition. I understand what it’s like to live with one and I also understand how small steps can lead to great things. But most of all I understand that you are a unique individual and how important it is to see the world through your eyes.

It’s holistic

I understand that our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being are all interconnected. Lasting change is best achieved by understanding you as a whole being. I also believe in our power to co-create energetically with the universe and create joyful wellness from a non-physical standpoint.

Check out my About page for more about me and who I work with.

Individual or Group Coaching?

I offer both individual coaching and coaching in small groups. My group coaching can be extremely effective for learning new skills that promote holistic wellbeing and for keeping yourself on track. It can be particularly rewarding if you’re feeling isolated as a result of chronic illness and there is always a magic in the group process.

Individual coaching is a highly transformative experience. It’s for you if you really believe in your potential to make changes and are motivated to get to it. The level of investment in this support will encourage you to take the aligned actions that will make all the difference. Individual coaching could also be the best choice if you find yourself getting frustrated that no matter how much you want to, you just don’t seem to be able to make the changes that you know could support your well-being. With my high level of counselling training and extensive experience, I am a great choice for someone looking for something a little deeper than standard coaching. I’m a coach now though, because my passion isn’t just to help you overcome your pain. Most of all, I’ll be supporting you to create a life that you love!

Individual Coaching:

My one to one coaching is a premium service. In order to manage my own joyful wellness effectively I am only able to offer it to a small number of people. I work on zoom** offering 30 or 45 minute sessions with email follow up. For most people it’s difficult to achieve lasting change with only one or two sessions, to really make a powerful transformation, its worth investing in regular sessions to keep yourself on track and consolodate new ways of being.

Before deciding on whether individual or group coaching will suit you best, it’s important to schedule an initial strategy session. It will help you become clearer about what coaching could do for you and whether we are a good fit. I’m presently offering initial strategy sessions at HALF  the normal price of a coaching session. Use my contact form to request an appointment.

One Individual Session £138 (about $174* or €161*)

3 month ‘Creating Joyful Wellness’ coaching package £1,555 (about $1967* or €1815*)

(payable in 3 monthly installment)

We’ll work together for 13 weeks to set you up with all the mindset skills and awareness that you’ll need to become a powerful co-creator of joyful wellness.

  • Weekly zoom** sessions (30-45 minutes depending one what is best for you each week).
  • Additional between session email support. (Email support may be solicited once between each session).
  • Bonus: The 12 video lessons, meditation and journaling prompts from the creating joyful wellness as a spiritual and energetic being programme.

6 Session Follow on pack £555 (about $702* or €648*)

  • 6 x 30 minute zoom** sessions. Only available for people who have already been coached by me. Only the first session needs to be scheduled as the package is booked and the sessions can be taken as and when you’d need they
  • Additional between session email support. (Email support may be solicited once between each session).
  • Bonus: Access to 3 mini-courses of your choice

*prices in dollars or euros may vary according to fluctuations in exchange rates.

**Skype or Facebook messenger could be used if preferred.


48 hrs notice of cancellation is required for a session to be rearranged without charge.

Group Coaching

Creating Joyful Wellness Triad (TBA)

£333 for 6 weekly sessions (about $422 or €389*)

Are you fed up of striving for better functionality and are ready to create a peaceful sense of  joyful wellness? Do you believe in the power of creating a positive mindset and using the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams and desires?

In this coaching triad, you’ll work with me and two other like-minded individuals to:
  • Create a helpful mindset, shifting your thoughts and beliefs to support your desires.
  • Use the Law of Attraction to manifest a life filled with love, joy, ease, purpose and a more consistent sense of wellness.
  • Develop practical strategies to take inspired action towards your vision while managing your health condition with ease and grace.
  • Learn how to embody the energy of you vision and open up to receive from the universe.
  • Connect with other individuals who are also on a journey towards creating more joy and wellness in their lives.
As your coach, I’ll be with you every step of the way, offering personalized coaching and support to help you overcome any obstacles and create the life you truly desire.

Contact me if you think you’ll be a good fit for a triad.

Creating joyful wellness 12 week group coaching programme (TBA)

Release the struggle of improving your functioning and find a joyful, peaceful sense of wellness instead.

This coaching programme is specially designed for people with a long-term health condition who are fed up with striving to get better health, who find adventure in transformation and are ready to manifest ease, joy and wellness in their life.  Find out more HERE


Thriving with Ease and Joy! membership programme

Join a community of people experiencing similar challenges working towards creating a life that they love, a joyful live that unfolds with ease.  Check it out on this page.


BSc Human Psychology, Aston University 1991

Advanced Diploma in Person Centered Counselling, Wigan and Leigh College, 2001

Life Skills Coaching Advanced Level 4, Stonebridge Associated Colleges, 2015