There’s no need to struggle and strive, let me help you find the easy way to thrive!

When I first got sick with ME/CFS I was devastated and confused. The illness robbed me of a fulfilling, active life and left me unable to contribute or take part in anything that used to make me happy. I felt I had lost my whole identity. What’s more I got no help whatsoever from my doctors…..

…… But then I learned how to manage the illness well, I discovered that wellbeing involved the body, mind and spirit and I realised I was still me even if I couldn’t express myself in the same way. I learned new ways of being happy and I learned how to let it be easy….

…. I got really good at taking care of myself in a relaxed, effortless, joyful way and after 5 years I fully recovered!

Unfortunately after 7 years of active vibrant health, the illness hit me again. With all the skills I’d learned the first time around I was able to keep the illness mild and create a dream life for myself. Since then, life has thrown me a few more challenges and I’ve had several setbacks with the illness. But I’ve learned how to co-create wellness with the universe and bring it into my daily life so that my life flows with ease and joy.

It’s now my mission to help you create joyful wellness despite long-term health conditions and find the easy way to have a more satisfying and purposeful life.

I’ll help you harness your manifesting magic and overcome the blocks to receiving wellness created by your experiences of long-term health challenges.

Julie Holliday
Thriving without Striving

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  • We’ll work together to create a compelling vision for a relaxed, effortless, fulfilling life. A life where you experience a sense of joyful wellness day in day out.
  • We’ll uncover hidden challenges that might be sabotaging your current efforts to live the happiest, healthiest life possible.
  • I’ll make sure you leave this session renewed and inspired to overcome the challenges of long-term health challenges and live a happy and meaningful life.

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Here’s what Lisa had to say about her strategy session:

After my strategy session with Julie I’m very much looking forward to ongoing coaching. I was hoping this session would give me tools and strategies I can use to move from intellectually knowing what I could do, to actually doing it! And I wasn’t disappointed. Since this one session I have already felt more inclined to give myself permission to be more compassionate towards myself. The best thing about this session was knowing that Julie understood my health situation experientially, not just intellectually; that she spoke with an appreciation of the impact of ME/CFS and that her approach was calm, centred and friendly. I found Julie very easy to talk to. Not something that happens very often!

Lisa U.K. 

You can hear more from people who have worked with me on my testimonials page.

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I have a wonderful group on Facebook for people who have a yearning for purpose and a desire to help others and make a difference in the world, despite the challenges of living with energy limiting chronic illnesses.

We encourage and support each other to take tiny steps towards making the world a better place, knowing that together we can make a difference. We also value ourselves knowing that we cannot take care of the world without taking care of ourselves first!