Embrace Joyful Wellness and Align with Your Soul Purpose!

Hi, I’m Julie, an energetic and spiritual being on a mission to expand love and support you in creating a life of joyful wellness and purpose. Living with ME/CFS for many years, I’ve cultivated a unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise to guide you on a transformative journey to holistic wellbeing.

You don’t have to struggle or strive to be well!

If you’re struggling with your energy levels, to balance purpose with enjoyment, or feel stuck in manifesting wellness, I’m here to guide you. My holistic coaching focuses not on reclaiming your old life, but on creating a new, aligned life that surpasses your previous experiences.

I’ll help you harness your manifesting magic and overcome the blocks to receiving wellness created by your experiences of long-term health challenges.

Join me in this empowering journey, where action flows effortlessly and brings you closer to the life you’re meant to live. Let’s co-create a life of joyful wellness, purpose, and abundance together.

Julie Holliday

Ready to transform your life? Let’s connect and start your journey to joyful wellness today. Use my contact form to request a 15 minute chat to find our more about how I work, or fill in this questionnaire if you’re interested in a free 45-minute creating joyful wellness discovery call.

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10 tips for Creating Joyful Wellness Even During the Challenging Times

  • Are you fed up with struggling and striving for better health and functioning?
  • Ready to step off the merry-go-round of one thing after another demanding your energy and never really getting to put your wellness first?
  • Tired of waiting for things to settle down?

These simple tips will help you open to the flow of wellness and receive what you desire to create.  And there is no struggle involved! Each tip allows you to transform your life, simply by harmonising with the nature of the universe and listening to your holistic self. It’s all about letting it be easy!

Are you ready to superpower your transformation?

What you can expect from working with me….

  • Joyful Wellness: Manifest joyful wellness faster and more effortlessly.
  • Flow and Ease: Experience a smooth and effortless flow in all you do.
  • Aligned Purpose: Discover the ease of living in alignment with your inner being.
  • Freedom and Playfulness: Enjoy a life filled with freedom, adventure, and peace.
  • Love and Bliss: Feel the bliss of contributing more love to the world and experiencing it flow through you.

It’s important to me to help as many people as I can create joyful wellness and find a satisfying sense of aligned purpose. To do this I have a variety of services to fit every budget. For more details check out my work with me page or dip your toe in the water with one of my brief mini-courses.

If you’d like to connect with me to find our more about how I work, use my contact form to request a 15 minute chat, or fill in this questionnaire if you’re interested in one of my rare FREE 45-minute creating joyful wellness discovery calls.

What my clients have to say:

Gin, after the Creating Joyful Wellness coaching programme

“The programme exceeded my expectations. It’s been spectacular! 

I am sleeping better, I have fewer SIBO and IBS symptoms. I am able to do so much more. My dips are shorter. I have better capacity, both physically and emotionally. I feel safe and in control and I feel more spiritually aligned. I feel hopeful. “

Kerry, after 1 session of 1-2-1 coaching

“I don’t think she knows (yet) how much she did for me in her coaching session. She holds safe space & listens. She asked me questions that made me think deeply and guided me towards a way of resolving the thing that was holding me back. I did the work she encouraged me to do and it worked. Once and for all. Julie is an incredible and versatile coach. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Hannah, on leaving the Thriving with Easy and Joy membership programme

“I feel a lot better equipped to cope with the challenges of ME, thanks to your wonderful support and the group’s. From my point of view, feeling ready to leave the group is a sign of how well it has equipped me – it has ‘worked’ and I feel a lot more at peace and able to manage.”

You can hear more from people who have worked with me on my testimonials page.

Join my community

I have a wonderful group on Facebook for people who have a yearning for purpose and a desire to help others and make a difference in the world, despite the challenges of living with a long-term health condition.

We encourage and support each other to take tiny steps towards making the world a better place, knowing that together we can make a difference. We also value ourselves knowing that we cannot take care of the world without taking care of ourselves first!