Helena Shares her Purpose

Spoonies with purpose podcast episode 7 In this episode, the lovely creative Helena, of SewnitbyHelena, talks about how she found purpose once she was able to stabilise her CFS through acceptance. It all started by deciding to do something she’d always wanted to do. You can find this specific episode HERE: Or listen to the … Read more

Julia Stüber on Purpose

Episode 6 of the Spoonies with Purpose Podcast In this interview with the multi-talented Julia Stüber we talk about many issues around having prupose when you have a chronic illness, including the importance of changing how you consider purpose, depending on how much energy you have. This player, plays the most recent episode of my … Read more

Suzan Jackson on Purpose

Episode 5 of the Spoonies with Purpose podcast A couple of weeks ago I had the wonderful pleasure of talking to the lovely Suzan Jackson for my Spoonies with Purpose podcast. In this interview Sue tells us of her experience of living with ME/CFS and then being a mother to 2 sons who also had … Read more

Christie Cox on Purpose

Episode 4 of the spoonies with purpose podcast In this interview I talk to author Christie Cox about her experience with several chronic illnesses including EDS. She shares how she found some treatment that helped her enough to find a new purpose… Sharing all that she learned in her book ‘Holding it All Together When … Read more

Kate Itacy on Purpose

Spoonies with Purpose podcast episode 3 In this interview, author of the book ‘Relentless: from national champion to physically disabled activist’ talks about her journey from being an incredible achiever to learning to seperate purpose from productivity. You can buy Kates book on Amazon  or find out more about her at the following links Goodreads … Read more

You Are Essential!

5-week Course to Reclaim your Self-Worth and Self Esteem Buy now or join the membership program for 3 months to access this and all of my minicourses. Value yourself unconditonaly and start feeling good about yourself again – Create a foundation for an easier more joyful life! This coaching mini-course is for people with chronic illness … Read more