Missing out at Christmas

7 Tips for Dealing with Missing Out During the Holidays

This is an edited  post I originally wrote especially for ProHealth’s Inspirational Corner  and first appeared there in December 2018.  I originally wrote this post for people who have to miss out on holiday celebrations because of chronic illness. But right now, many other people are facing missing out on their usual traditions and the joy … Read more

woman looking peaceful and happy

Masterfully Managing Emotions

A big part of mastering life with chronic illness is the ability to reclaim wasted energy so that it can be directed to more effective uses, like healing, contributing or fun. Difficult emotions are a natural and unavoidable part of living with chronic illness, the losses we have to face, the disappointments and frustrations of having … Read more

It’s OK to be Fed Up and Unmotivated

This letter is for you, whether you’re a healthy person struggling with lock-down at the moment or a spoonie feeling fed up with chronic illness….. Dear friend, I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling fed up and unmotivated right now. But know this, what ever you are feeling right now is OK. It’s a totally understandable … Read more