Podcast Episode 9: Interview with Tracey Jones

In this interview I talked to Tracey Jones from Garden Room Art about how she sees purpose. We talked about 3 elements of purpose: sharing what you’ve learned, taking great care of yourself and doing things that light you up. Tracey also told us about her wonderful vision journaling art.

You can follow Tracy’s Facebook page: Garden Room Art https://m.facebook.com/Traceyjonesart

Or join her free group to get a taste of her of what she teaches https://www.facebook.com/groups/688205806584541/

Or join her membership programme here: https://mailchi.mp/371001bc0cbc/vision-journaling-lounge-membership



Alternatively you can watch the interview below:

Pinterest image showing Tracey Jones interviewee for the spoonies with purpose podcast


If you haven’t already joined, head over to my facebook group Spoonies with Purpose. We encourage and support each other to take tiny steps to make the world a better place, knowing that together we can make a difference. We also value the role of joyful wellness in our purpose, knowing that we cannot take care of the world without taking care of ourselves first.

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