Essential oils for inspiration

A Week of Essential Oil Use with a Spotlight on my Inspiration Blend

Using essential oils is a very regular part of my life. I have my favourite oils for particular purposes and don’t tend to change them around very often.  Nowadays, I find myself using them more for non-toxic solutions to every day issues than for specific illness management support (because of how well I generally am … Read more

oil pulling

My Week of Essential Oil Use with a Spotlight on Oil Pulling

Although I have many habits and routines that involve essential oils, every day is different depending on how I’m feeling that particular day, and what my body needs. Many of the uses involve natural solutions to every day issues, rather that specific chronic illness support. However, I feel happier that using natural solutions is minimising … Read more

FREE online workshop: Essential Oils in the Management of Chronic Illness

Monday 3rd September 10am pacific; 1pm eastern; 6pm UK; 7pm CEST A sensual treat.. …that also supports your well-being! Its a win/win! And there’s more: Illnesses like ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia can involve sensitivity to chemicals and contaminants, which may even extend to today’s synthetic medications. Turning to more natural solutions can help us minimising the toxic load … Read more

ME and dõTERRA

I’ve been using essential oils for over 20 years now, when I first got ME and was offered no help by the medical profession I started experimenting with different things. Essential oils brought me some relief from the extreme muscular pain I was experiencing at the time, which no pain killer that I’d been offered … Read more

Aromatherapy for the emotional impact of ME/CFS

I first looked into aromatherapy during my first illness. Sceptical but clutching at straws I was amazed by how effective it was at providing some emotional relief when dealing with the difficult emotional impact of this illness. It also provided me with a sense of indulgence, an opportunity to treat myself, a sensual pleasure when many other pleasures were … Read more