ME and dõTERRA

I’ve been using essential oils for over 20 years now, when I first got ME and was offered no help by the medical profession I started experimenting with different things. Essential oils brought me some relief from the extreme muscular pain I was experiencing at the time, which no pain killer that I’d been offered had touched. They also gave me an outlet for creativity that was otherwise very limited by my extremely low energy. I loved learning about their properties and creating my own blends. They were also a pleasant treat, a sensual experience that did me no harm, in fact they did me more good than I was expecting. But when I thought about it, it made sense that something pure and natural would have a safer more holistic benefit, than the synthetic replicas of individual natural healing compounds that are the basis of modern medicine.

Even once I recovered, I would never go anywhere without at least one or two essential oils, and once the illness hit me again they once again become an important part of everyday life.

When I was first introduced to dõTERRA by Michelle Holmes, I loved what I heard about the way the oils were sourced, supporting and empowering local growers. Their sourcing guidelines include:

  • Generating jobs
  • Providing fair and on-time payments
  • Building supplier capacity
  • Sustaining long term partnerships
  • Ensuring fair labour conditions
  • Promoting co-operatives
  • Ensuring environmental stewardship
  • Facilitation community development

Introducing selling essential oils, seemed a natural direction for my business. I love using them, I love sharing them and I’ve even had goals to qualify as a aromatherapist but coaching has always come first for me. However, I wasn’t particularly enamoured by the multi-level marketing set up and the oils seemed quite expensive.

6 months later though I decided to spend my birthday money on enrolling as a wellness advocate with the home essentials kit, I was running out of a few of the oils that were in the kit and I decided I wanted to spend the extra money making sure that people and planet were being taken care of as a result of my spending. I truly believe in personal responsibility and that we can change the world be exerting our purchasing power, refusing to contribute to the pockets of those who choose profits over sustainability, respect and fair trade.

When the oils arrived I was impressed, even though they are more expensive, most of them are in bottles 50% bigger than most other oil suppliers. And on top of that, the special offer that month meant that I received 3 extra blends free, one of which I’ve been using daily ever since.  I could really notice their pureness too and was excited that a whole new option was opening up to me for their use. Their pureness (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) means that many of them can be taken internally.*

Michelle then invited me to join her next coaching program, which involved buying the lifelong vitality pack and other supplements as payment. I’ll write another post about my experience of these supplement soon, but once I’d tried them there was no going back!

Because I’ve fallen in love with the products and am happy that my money is being spent ethically, I’ve started to look at the multilevel marketing model with new eyes. I actually love the way it can empower people like me, who can’t work in a normal job because I need to plan my day and pace, to achieve an income. I’ve also discovered that it’s a very supportive network that is as much about helping you to take care of your health and wellbeing in a natural sustainable way, as it is about sales.

So, I’m ready to come out and declare that you can help me pay for my products, and eventually provide me with an income in return for receiving my support in learning how to use natural and ethically sourced products to support your health and wellbeing.

You can buy at retail prices at this link using my ID when instructed: 5206214

Or sign up as a wholesale customer and get 25% discount. Contact me and I’ll talk you through the process. Once you’ve signed up there are some wonderful Facebook groups you can join to help you learn about how best to use the oils. And as your wellness advocate, I’ll be happy to support you in any way I can.

If you think you’d like to share the products with others either to help pay for your own products or to create a residual income by building a business with dõTERRA, let me know and I can guide you every step of the way

*Before taking any oil internally please make sure you have researched its safety and purity.

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2 thoughts on “ME and dõTERRA”

  1. Hi. I’ve recently become a doTerra wellness advocate and your words just resonate with how I feel. I have struggled with m.e./CFS for all my children’s life and am hoping that I can get some life back with the oils and supplements.
    I am looking for ideas and protocols that have worked for other people and found your blog. I have signed up for your emails. Thank you so much.
    Is there anything else you can tell me? I can see the difference having been on the supplements for a few weeks but I am worried that they are actually giving me more like a caffeine boost and that I could be doing more harm than good as I have crashed this weekend. Any words of advice would be much appreciated.


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