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5-week Course to Reclaim your Self-Worth and Self Esteem Buy now or join the membership program for 3 months to access this and all of my minicourses. Value yourself unconditonaly and start feeling good about yourself again – Create a foundation for an easier more joyful life! This coaching mini-course is for people with chronic illness … Read more

FREE Winter Events!

When you have a chronic illness this time of year can be full of challenges and hardship. There’s more contact with people who don’t understand what you’re living through, more pressure to push past what’s healthy for you, and more to miss out on. In case you don’t know me, my name is Julie, and … Read more

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November Events 2020

Cosy, Comforting, Happy Hibernation: If you struggle at this time of year and would like some support to make the most of life as it is during autumn and winter, come along and join my membership program, Embrace, Replenish, Live. This month’s topic is inspired by the Danish concept of Hygge.  I’ll be guiding you … Read more

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Masterfully Managing Emotions

A big part of mastering life with chronic illness is the ability to reclaim wasted energy so that it can be directed to more effective uses, like healing, contributing or fun. Difficult emotions are a natural and unavoidable part of living with chronic illness, the losses we have to face, the disappointments and frustrations of having … Read more