FREE online Workshop Thursday 26th May

Have you ever wondered what the big deal is about journaling? Or perhaps you have an inkling about how it could support you but every time you sit down to do it you just feel stuck?

Maybe you already journal, but you’re a bit erratic with it and can see how you could benefit from a bit more consistency and structure?

joy of journaling pinterest imageJournaling can be used in so many different ways to support your wellbeing, it’s a really powerful tool. And it doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming!

A journaling practise that works for your specific needs and personality, isn’t just something that empowers you to work through your difficulties and develop your skills, it can help you improve your mood and attract more joy!

Join me next Thursday (11.30 am UK time) for a free online workshop to discover what a simple tool journaling can be and how you can use it to optimise your wellbeing!

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