New Spoonies with Purpose Podcast

Here I am trying something new!!! It all started with my Facebook group ‘Spoonies with Purpose, making the world a better place together’. I thought it would be great to interview my fellow spoonies about how they have purpose and balance purpose with the demands of living with chronic illness. But then I though other might like to listed to or watch the interview too.

new podcst pin with picture of Jacqueline Taylor

In this first episode of the podcast I talk to Jacqeline Taylor who has been living with ME/CFS since she was 19. However 4 years ago something changed for her and she was able to uncover her true self and find a truly aligned purpose.

To find out more check out her website: Or join her facebook group ‘The Glow Club’ Alternatively you can follow her facebook page.

For support and encouragement to find your purpose without risking your health, you can join my private facebook community ‘Spoonies with Purpose: Making the world a better place together’

You can also watch an unedited version of the interview below:

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