How I Walked Double my Distance

 …and stayed joyfully well

You may know from my social media, that I’ve recently got back from a wonderful few days away. Not only did I have a wonderful time overall but something amazing happened. On the first day of my holiday, I walked twice as far as I have been able to for the last 4 years, just over 2 miles! 1 mile each way up and down a hill. Then I continued to have joyfully well adventures for the following days, every day walking the distance I only usually manage at weekends when I let go of other energy expenditure.

The conditions for this expansion:

For the first time on a trip away, I’d managed to completely clear my schedule of all work and I knew I could spend all my energy on relaxation and joy. I was also with a very understanding and flexible friend and felt no pressure to do anything at any time. I’m sure this complete freedom of responsibility/ pressure was foundational for me being able to do what I did.

The choice to do something so big:

When we arrived, our hosts were out on a walk, but came to greet us on their return. Although I was resting at the time, they raved to my friend about a beautiful field of bluebells that they’d visited on their walk today, and gave her all the details. We’d timed our holiday to see bluebells, bluebells being a favourite of mine, so this sparked immediate excitement at the possibility.

The walk was about a mile each way, which I knew was about twice the maximum distance I’ve walked on a good day, even with the recent improvements in my wellness.

As it was a to and back walk ,I decided I could attempt it and see how it went, I could always turn around at any time it didn’t feel good, returning to the car to wait for my friend. being able to detach from outcome of reaching the destination, was a huge part of this decision. I was able to do so because I knew I would enjoy every minute of the walk whether or not I got there. One of my most helpful motto’s is ‘What I can’t do is irrelevant if I am enjoying what I can.’

The mindset and inner work:

Before getting out of bed the next morning, I set an intention to enjoy a relaxed, effortless walk and find it easy to walk there and back. I reminded myself that with every breath I take my cells can access an unlimited supply of life force energy. I chose to believe that my future didn’t had to be a reflection of the past.

The experience:

Even though we were constantly walking uphill, we did it at a relaxed pace and I found it pretty easy. Every time I felt a little effort, I reminded myself again that with every breath I take my cells get access to universal life force energy.

I felt a huge joy and appreciation for being in the forest and the scattering of bluebells we caught a glimpse of as we walked up the hill.

As we got closer and closer to the destination, the bluebells got denser and denser, and I already felt so completely grateful for the wonderful show they were putting on.

Selfie shot of two women in front of a field of bluebells
Jackie and I in our resting spot before the top

I did start to tire a little not far from the destination and decided to take a rest. To be honest as I sat and rested, I didn’t feel too great, and thoughts about overdoing it, did cross my mind. We’d taken a selfie at this spot and my pallour confirmed that I wasn’t doing too well.  However, I chose to believe that I could open to the flow of wellness and recover quickly.

I also sent my friend ahead to reccy how much further it would be to get the full benefit of the experience and whether it was much more impressive than what we’d already seen.

My friend returned and reported that the full experience was only a couple of hundred meters away and definitely worth it, if I felt up to it. So, with my friends understanding and blessing, I gave myself permission to rest for as long as I needed to before attempting the last little bit before the return. I kept my focus on opening to the flow of wellness and appreciating the wonderful experience I’d had so far, and the beauty of the place we were resting in.

Another important part of the mindset was that I trusted that even if I had overdone it, I would recover quickly the following day and knew I would enjoy resting in the place we were staying. I told myself that I might need to take is slowly in the morning, but I could stay open to the flow of wellness and would feel well enough by late morning to enjoy a gentle walk in a forest somewhere.

After about 10 minutes and most of my bottle of water I felt a good sense of recovery and decided to go for it. It was so worth it!

We sat again for a while at the peak place soaking up the joy and appreciation and I’m certain this was part of how I was able to bounce back so quickly. The high vibrational state of joy and appreciation is very aligned to wellness. I took a photo at this place too and just 15 minutes after the photo in which I look so unwell I look brimming with health (see main image at the top of the page).

The walk down the hill was relaxed an easy and you’d never know that I hit an old energy limit near the top of the hill. For the whole walk I felt so incredibly blessed that I had been able to have that experience.

That evening, I even managed to cook our meal and play a game with my friend, although I did go to bed particularly early.

The recovery:

I set my intention to rest and recover as I slept, reminding myself that with every breath I took as I slept, my cells were able to access unlimited life force energy and ask the universe for what they needed for full and vibrant health. I also set an intention to take it easy in the morning and give my body what it needed to recover, reminding myself again that I’d be fine by late morning and ready for another adventure.

The next morning, I did feel a little groggy, but not nearly as bad as I might have expected, if I’d have allowed myself to predict the future based on passed experience. And just as intended, by late morning I was able to go out on another adventure.

An oak tree in a field of bluebells
The magical detour on day 2

This time I did a shorter route whilst my friend did a longer one, I took a very slow mindful wander, full of joyful appreciation. My intuition even lead me to take a magical detour and even though all previous sense would have said no, after the walk the previous day, my inner being urged me on. I still ended up walking further than I previously had done in the last 4 years (excluding the day before) but it felt easy and replenishing and I experienced no further pay back.

The next day I did a good distance walk again, and even got a short one in on the day we returned, along with an additional adventure of visiting a garden centre for the first time in over 4 years.

These are the key elements I’ve identified, to being able to expand your activity levels in such a big way, safely.

  • Having no pressure and being able to go with the flow of how you feel before, during and after.
  • Being able to approach the experience with detachment from outcome, ‘it will be lovely if I can, but it doesn’t matter if I can’t’
  • The high vibrations states of joy and appreciation
  • The ability to let go of all past evidence and allow the future to be different
  • A faith in wellness and resilience
pinterest image with title how I doubled the distance I walked and stayed joyfully well with picture of me infront of bluebells and view

If you’re ready to start stretching your energy envelope safely and would like support in building these skills, you can either use my contact form to get in touch to arrange a quick chat about the ways in which I could support you, or fill in this questionnaire for the possibility of a 45-min free discovery call worth £333.

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