FREE Class: Cultivating Happiness Through Loving Kindness

Sunday December 6th, 6pm (UK) Whether you need to develop low energy happiness skills as a result of living with chronic illness, or would just like a boost to help you soothe the stresses of the holiday season, this class will give you control over lifting your spirits and meeting the holiday season with the … Read more

Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation Foundation Skills for Overcoming Chronic Illness

Monday’s and Thursdays for 4 weeks from 4th April* Less frequent headaches; more settled sleep; better digestion; hot flushes almost completely disappeared; more self-compassion; easier to relax; speaking with a more balanced temper; and feeling more calm, peaceful, aware, awake, energised and light-hearted. These are the benefits reported by previous students on this course! You’ll learn how … Read more