Master Affirmations to Activate your Wellbeing

FREE online Workshop Monday 11th July at 11.30 am UK time

My purpose as a coach; what makes me different from other chronic illness coaches, is to show you that improving your wellbeing when you have a chronic illness doesn’t have to involve struggle and striving. I’m all about creating a happy, purposeful, joyful life and letting it be easy! As a person with ME/CFS I’ve found that the more I’ve strived to reach my goals, the further away I’ve ended up. The more I’ve relaxed and gone with the flow, the more I’ve reclaimed valuable wasted energy.

As my energy has been increasing again recently, I’m back to sharing the occasional free workshop with tools to help you let life be easy and still make progress towards a happier, healthier life. In my next workshop I want to show you another really helpful and really easy to use tool: Affirmations!

  • Do you find yourself held back by limiting beliefs or old behaviour patterns?
  • Do you struggle to expect the best from your body?
  • Perhaps you’re not sure how to phrase your affirmations or not sure how to use them as effectively as you could?

I’ve had lots of success with using affirmations. They’ve helped me when I got stuck in a setback and just didn’t have enough energy to invest in other things that could shift it. I’ve also used them successfully to help me improve my gut health.

pin for affirmations workshopCome and discover what a simple tool affirmations can be and the different ways that they can be used to optimise your wellbeing!

I found this workshop really helpful and although I was already using affirmations, I learnt new ways to use them. Julie is informative and encouraging and makes time to help individuals within the group which we all learn from. Thanks Julie! Julia, Norfolk

Register HERE to attend live, interact and get your questions answered.

If you don’t want to interact or if the timing isn’t quite right for you I’m planning on livestreaming the workshop in my private Facebook group Spoonies with Purpose where the video will be also available as a recording.

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