Can you be creating joyful wellness during the hardest times?

This week I found myself quite strongly disagreeing with someone who was struggling through an extended dip and felt that creating joyful wellness was not something to be thinking about during those difficult times when instead all you could do is push yourself to get through. I don’t want anyone to feel that they must push themselves to be joyfully well, but neither do I want anyone to feel that all they can do is struggle and push to get through. So today, I want to explain what I mean when I say that you can be creating joyful wellness without effort, even during the most difficult times.

My message is born of years of experience, I’ve had many a long set-back, but I’ve learned from them, and since I have, I’ve discovered that I bounce back from my dips within days now. For me creating joyful wellness easefully is a day to day, moment to moment approach to living with a challenging health condition. It doesn’t mean feeling joyfully well all the time. However, with the tools I have, even during my most miserable lowest energy times, I feel confident that I am taking part in creating the joyful wellness that will be coming my way. I no longer have to resign myself to just struggling through.

Most importantly, creating joyful wellness isn’t about trying to get to the outcome of joyful wellness, that’s not helpful at any time, let alone when you’re feeling overwhelmed. For me, this is more about the satisfaction of knowing that letting go of struggling is the most powerful thing you can do for both your present moment and for your future joyful wellness. All the things that are going to be most helpful for the here and now, will incidentally also bring you closer to a joyfully well future.

The universe has helped me with this blog post, with some unavoidable events this week that have led me to a dip. So even with a rather foggy mind, I can share a couple of the ways I have been creating joyful wellness in the last couple of days despite low dopamine brain chemistry and very little energy.

The first tip in my pdf download ‘10 tips for creating joyful wellness even during the challenging times’, is to allow. When things are really hard, this allowing takes on the magnitude of surrender. This week, while I’ve been feeling energyless and grumpy, I’ve allowed myself to feel that way, I’ve surrendered, giving up the fight to feel anything different or to be able to do more moment by moment.

Along with this surrender, trust plays an important part. I trust that letting go releases energy wasted on resistance and that this will enable a swifter return to baseline. I also trust that I am not alone, that the universe will support me and provide me with all my needs. This way I found the energy to cook a big batch of cauliflower and mung bean kidgeree, one evening which has effortlessly fed me for several meals. I didn’t worry about how I was going to find the energy to feed myself, I just trusted that I would, and I did.

woman meditating in front of a lakeThe biggest point I want to make today is that you don’t have to approach the hard times with an expectation of struggle and just getting through. You can go into them knowing that this is just part of the journey to the joyful wellness that is on it’s way. Learning to allow, to surrender and trust, is all part of how you are creating it!

For me the knowledge that I was still creating joyful wellness, even whilst I was grumpy was reassuring, it wasn’t a pressure, just a pleasant peaceful confidence. I’d love you to be able to feel that way too!


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