Be Yourself, Heal Yourself, Heal the world

I made a big New Year’s resolution this year to make the world a better place you may have seen my Facebook Live broadcast if you didn’t see my blog post. Then I offered 10 easy tips in one place but now I’d like to share them one by one in more detail and help you really make it happen. The feeling of contributing to making the world a better place really does give you a great sense of purpose!

The first tip was all about awareness of gentle intention and extreme permissiveness, I wrote about that in detail in the post I wrote for ProHealth at New Year and posted in my blog last week.

In this post I want to explain how it really is as simple as just being yourself, taking care of yourself and doing what you can to heal yourself. There are various ways that this can make the world a better place:

  1. If you look after yourself you have more to give others

The bottom line is that the better you take care of yourself, the better your health, the more you have to give! Every bit of attention you pay to getting yourself as well as possible is attention you’re paying to be able to contribute more!

  1. If you are happier, you’re nicer to be around and that can ripple out

If you’re looking after yourself and being yourself rather that doing things because of ‘should’s or obligations you’ll be happier and more relaxed. When you’re happier and more relaxed you’ll be better company. If you’re not pushing yourself you’ll be less needy of the support of others. All this makes it nicer to be around you. The people around you will also be more relaxed, they’ll also have a better chance to be happy and it could ripple out from them to reach a lot more people. By being yourself and healing yourself you are making sure your ripple is a positive one!

  1. Being yourself is energy efficient, you’ll have more energy to go around

It takes a lot more energy to try to squeeze ourselves into a mould that doesn’t suit us or isn’t right for our energy in the moment. When you can be yourself and go with the flow, you will save lots of energy which could them be used for better stuff. If you want to be able to contribute more, do so only in ways that feel right and comfortable to you in the moment. Do what comes naturally to you and you’ll have more to give!

  1. The things that light us up are the things we are meant to share

I truly believe that the things that we do that fill us with joy are the things that we’re meant to share. Your gift to the world is doing what makes you happy, because that kind of happiness in contagious. You may not feel as though you can share your true gift right now, but by focusing on how to be as happy as possible with the life you have, you are doing just that! If chronic illness stops you from experiencing joy the way you used to, learn new ways. We are full of dimensions, when we open up to discover ourselves more fully there will be things that can light us up even in our new circumstances. Purpose changes with life experience. Find something that lights you up now and share it.

Note: If you are able to share the wonderful gift of helping diminish suffering, make sure you balance that with plenty of things that bring moment to moment joy as well as satisfaction!

  1. The world will be a better place if everybody takes responsibility for their own happiness and healing, just play your part

Don’t think about how big a job it is the make the world a better place. All it takes is for us to take responsibility for doing our bit. You’ll not only be playing your part but you’ll also be making it easier for others to do theirs by setting an example and showing the difference it can make!

  1. By working on your own healing your contribute to healing the worldWhat we learn when we heal ourselves is good to share!

Self-healing requires skills like acceptance, self-compassion, patience and relaxed effortlessness. The better we get at using these skills to aid our own healing the better we’ll be at using them with others to. When you practice your compassion muscle on yourself you become a more compassionate person. When you learn to be more accepting you not only put less stress out into the world, you become better able to help others be more accepting. I’ve found that I really want to share what’s helped me heal. Get good at healing yourself and you’ll want to share those skills with your nearest and dearest at least! Whatever energy you put into healing yourself will definitely have a wider impact.

  1. The 100th monkey effect

I love the story about the monkeys and the sandy sweet potatoes. To cut a long story short, one bright young monkey discovered that by washing her sweet potatoes before eating them they tasted better without the sand, this was soon copied by those who came into contact with her and those that came into contact with them and the behaviour spread and spread. Then something strange happened, all of a sudden, even monkeys on another island started washing their sweet potatoes. The idea is that when something adaptive is actively practised by a big enough number of individuals, it becomes part of a collective consciousness. I like to believe that by practising  all the ways I’ve learned to be happy and joyful and heal myself, along with others, we’ll eventually hit that critical mass and they’ll become a part of our collective consciousness. Wouldn’t you like to contribute to that?

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