Making the World a Better Place 5: Creativity

This year I made what could be seen as a very ambitious resolution to make the world a better place. But the reason I made it was that I wanted to show how we don’t have to have lots of energy or even have to try very hard to contribute to making the world a better place. There are lots of really simple ways we can contribute with just a little intention and attention!

I was speaking to a friend the other day, who was feeling as though she couldn’t do enough to make a difference. She felt hopeless in the face of all the worlds challenges and the number of people not doing their bit. Unfortunately, that sense of not being able to make an impact leads to a lack of motivation and the sense that you might as well just give up. However, all we have to do is our own little bit. Making the world a better place is a joint responsibility that will only work if we choose to take it no matter what we see happening around us. If we allow ourselves to be discouraged we will end up being part of the problem instead of the solution. The more of us that choose to do whatever we can in a relaxed effortless manner, the more examples there will be out there for people to see that it isn’t hard, and the movement will grow!

And here’s how easy it can be: find a little time to be creative!

OK there is a little more to it than that as you’ll see in my earlier posts: All it takes is intention and extreme permissiveness; Be yourself, heal yourself, heal the world; All you need is love; and Taking care with your intention. I also have another 4 posts I want to write on the subject, but regularly doing something enjoyably creative is going to help, and here’s why:

The creative muscle

Creativity is a bit like a muscle, it needs a bit of exercise to be in it’s best state possible. Make a little time to be creative on a regular basis in whatever way you enjoy and that practise will lead to creativity naturally bubbling up from within you more and more. When you practise any form of creativity regularly you’ll also find that creative solutions to problems occur to you more easily in other areas of life, and that can save you a lot of energy.

Creativity, self-expression and sharing our gifts

The most enjoyable creativity is a natural expression of who we are in the moment. When we allow creativity to help us express, we learn to share what we truly have to offer the world. Our unique gifts are a natural product of our experience combined with our innate traits and talents. When we practise creativity, we open ourselves up to being in flow and what we have to offer the world finds a way of being expressed.

Being in flow feels good: the ripple effect

Even if practising creativity doesn’t lead to you finding a way of sharing your talents in service to others, being in flow feels good. And when you feel good you give off better vibes, you’re nicer to be around and you share positivity with others. Anything that helps you feel good can ripple out to those around you. If you have a more positive interaction with someone because you’re feeling good they’re more likely to feel good and take that out to other people they interact with that day!

How your creativity contributes to making the world a better placeFor those of us with chronic illness creativity can sometimes seem like something that just helps us pass the time more pleasurably when the illness limits us from contributing to society in the way that we expected we would be able to. But is has a much more important purpose! By exercising your creativity muscle your natural talents are more likely to be expressed and you’ll come up with better solutions to problems. Simply by engaging in something that adds to the positivity of your mood, you have the potential for a positive ripple effect. Value the role that your creativity plays in actively contributing to making the world a better place! Every little helps!

Caution: on a practical note, being in flow can often mean losing track of time. Always set a timer when you are practising creativity, so that you can check in with your body and make sure you are not aggravating your illness by using too much energy or holding your muscles in one position for too long etc.

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  1. Great post, so true how a little bit of creativity can help to solve a problem by shifting our perspectives. Or sometimes simply making us realise that we can handle it, or that it isn’t so bad after all! And how right you are that each and every one of us can make a positive impact in the world.


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