Making the World a Better Place 6: Meditation and Mindfulness

I believe that everyone can make a difference in the world even if you have a limiting chronic illness. So, I’ve been writing a series of blog post about the easy ways we can all contribute to making the world a better place. Anything can be easy if we approach in with a strong intention but a willingness to allow it to happen only when it feels right in the moment. I also believe that simply by being ourselves and focusing on our self-healing we are having a greater influence on healing the world. Love is such an important part of making the world a better place and we all have a huge capacity for love no matter what our physical limitation. I also believe that we can exert a positive energetic influence on the universe just by being careful with what we pay attention to. I’ve also talked about how allowing yourself time to express yourself creatively has a greater purpose.

Today I’d like to expand upon how meditation and mindfulness can play a really important part in our ability to make the world a better place:

Meditation and self-healing

First of all, any kind of regular meditation practise is likely to bring you more parasympathetic nervous system time, giving you more time in which your body can send its resources to healing; more time in which the other interventions you are working with have optimum chance to take effect. There are also many types of meditations that more specifically use the mind body connection to engage healing which may have a more powerful effect than gained just by engaging the parasympathetic nervous system. On an energetic level, as we are all connected, if you are working on your own self-healing you are working on healing the world as a whole. At the very least you’re making a future positive contribution much more likely!

Mindfulness and choice

Practising mindfulness skills helps us to become more aware of old automatic behaviours and find the choice point at which we can choose another action. When we can find that choice point we can stop these old patterns from harming us or those around us. Mindfulness helps me to notice when I have an urge to push myself to complete something even when my energy is running out. It also helps me to respond better when people push my buttons. Build your mindfulness skills and you’ll not only facilitate your healing (and thus be contributing to healing the world) you’ll also be more enjoyable to be around!

For me mindfulness also brings a better awareness of our connection and oneness. This awareness also means I’m more motivated to listen and understand without judgement, I’m better able to allow my love to flow, and I’m better able to make conscious decisions that are more respectful of our natural environment.

Mindfulness and Meditation for Making the world a better placeThe ripple effect

Even the slightest positive change in your mood can ripple out and have a much wider impact. Have you ever noticed that when you receive an unexpected smile from a stranger it lifts your mood and you feel more inclined to smile at the next person you pass? If you get treated badly by a shop assistant it can make you feel grumpy and you can’t help passing on the bad vibes! Whether we’re in a good mood or a bad mood, it will have an impact upon whoever we come into contact which in turn can impact whoever they come into contact with. Practicing meditation and mindfulness can help us make sure that our ripple effect is a positive one or at least minimise the negative on when we are having a hard time!

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