Creating Joyful Wellness as an Energetic and Spiritual Being

Release the struggle of improving your functioning and find a joyful, peaceful sense of wellness instead.

This coaching programme is specially designed for people with a long-term health condition who are fed up with striving to get better, who find adventure in transformation and are ready to manifest ease, joy and wellness in their life.

  • Do you feel held back by a long-term health condition? Maybe you miss being able to express your playfulness, your sense of adventure or have a sense of purpose?
  • Does striving for better health and functioning feel like you’re eternally pushing a rock up a hill? You may have already tried so many things without getting the results you’ve hoped for.
  • Do you struggle to create a vision of better wellbeing because it always seems to lead to disappointment?
  • Perhaps you have belief and a vision but have struggled to harness the energy of attraction to find a easy way to progress?
  •  Maybe you’ve been able to manifest small things but are frustrated with not being able to manifest better wellbeing?

What if you could learn how to let creating joyful wellness be easy, and fill your life with a sense of adventure, purpose and playfulness again? What if you could learn how to find joyful wellness in your life as it is now, automatically bringing more into your future, without having to strive for better functioning first. Can you imagine that?

Learn how to create a holistic sense of joyful wellness

Purple energy swirrlDuring my 12-week coaching programme you’ll learn how to create a holistic sense of joyful wellness without any struggle or striving. Life will become easier and you’ll find yourself choosing to spend your energy on the things that have meaning for you. You’ll also learn how to cocreate with the universe and let go of the pressure to make your healing happen, trusting that you are supported and it’s all coming to you. This process of letting go, will enable you to appreciate the present moment, and find more joyful wellness in the here and now.  Most importantly, you’ll be guided by somebody who understands how to overcome the very natural thoughts and reactions that can keep us stuck with ill-health; someone who has personally been able to harness the magical process of energetic attraction to create ever expanding levels of joyful wellness.
  • Joyful wellness can be achieved regardless of physical functioning. Long-term health conditions don’t have to get in the way of a holistic sense of joyful wellness.
  • We don’t have to reach better levels of functioning before expressing our playfulness, sense of adventure and purpose. Part of the creative process of moving towards a vision, is to learn how to embody these qualities in the here and how.
  • When you let go of your old conditioning that leads to striving for success and learn how to co-create energetically with the universe instead, wellness becomes something that you simply have to open up to, to receive.
  • We often have unseen blocks to receiving caused by conditioned thought patterns about health and wellness and our experiences of ill health up until today. Uncovering and releasing those blocks allows the creative process to flow with ease.
  • If you are already manifesting some things in your life, but joyful wellness just isn’t yet one of them, the coaching element of this programme will be key to releasing your individual obstacles to receiving.


This programme will involve about two hours of your time a week. This might seem a lot, but I’d like you to consider where creating joyful wellness is on your priority list. Isn’t it at the top? In order to really get results it’s important that you are choosing to invest your energy wisely.

The first of the sessions will be a 30-45min teaching session and may include some meditation or visualisation and some time to ask questions. The second will be a coaching session, where you will get personalised coaching in a small group (max 8 people). Both sessions are recorded so if you’re having a bad day you can catch up when you’re feeling better, but you’ll get more out of it if you can manage your week to commit to the time involved. There will also be some journaling suggestions to help you consolidate your transformation.

Both the time commitment and the financial commitment are a powerful way to show yourself you are serious about creating joyful wellness.

How much is being able to live with joyful wellness worth to you? How much will that make a difference both to your life and to the lives of those around you?

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Would you like more ease and joy in your life, without loosing the satisfaction of transforming your wellbeing?

We’ll be exploring four key areas of creating joyful wellness as an energetic being living a physical existence: Allowing, believing, balancing desire with gratitude and embodying.

  1. We’ll prepare the way by letting go of resistance and learning to allow what is
  2. We’ll connect to your individual belief system to support your faith in wellness and the creative process that can get you there
  3. You’ll create a beautiful vision of joyful wellness, which includes adventure, purpose and playfulness
  4. You’ll learn how to balance the energies of desire and gratitude and how to harness intention and create with ease
  5. You’ll learn how to release unhelpful thinking patterns and embody joyful wellness on a day to day basis
  6. You’ll discover the joy of aligned action
  7. You’ll learn how to allow yourself to receive
  8. You’ll overcome obstacles to receiving and uplevel your belief in yourself as a powerful co-creator
  9. You’ll learn how to shift your energetic state with easy steps
  10. You’ll learn how to embody joyful wellness both in the present moment and as a vibrational means of attraction.


  • Attend 10 out of the 12 live group coaching sessions, and I’ll throw in a follow-up 30 minute 1-2-1 coaching session to make sure your transformation continues to expand.
  • I’ll also throw in my autumn/ winter modules of the Thriving with Ease and Joy membership programme, which you can dip into if it feels helpful at any time.

My story:

Julie HollidayI’ve lived with ME/CFS for a total of more than 20 years, but no matter what my level of functioning I’ve learned how to find a sense of joyful wellness. In fact, my initial, 7-year recovery was incidental to my learning to let life be easy, go with the flow and enjoy life as it is. For most of the 2nd incidence of this illness I’ve been able to enjoy an amazing quality of life.

2 years ago though, after the covid vaccines, it seemed that the universe wanted to remind me of my life’s work. My level of functioning plummeted and I had to draw on everything I’ve learned, and then evolve to a new level of creating joyful wellness. I’ve been sharing many of these skills in my coaching over the last 8 years, but it’s all been leading to this new, next level of creating joyful wellness that I want to share with you now.

A huge part of this new level of evolution has been releasing my old thought patterns about illness and choosing thoughts that are more in alignment with the joyful wellness I am choosing to co-create.These old ‘illness’ related thought patterns haven’t been easy to let go of, but now that I’ve learned, I want to show you how to do it too. The other key elements of my creating joyful wellness have been staying grounded in the present moment, and grateful for the joy and abundance that I am already experiencing in my life, right now.


My testimonial page is filled with countless testimonials from the past eight years of working with individuals with energy-limiting chronic illnesses. Here are jsut a few of them that showcase the experiences of members of my previous and current group programmes:

After two months in your programme, I’ve made more progress than I did in 15 months of the last one…. My biggest shifts have been trusting in my body, having intimate coaching with personal attention every week, and a focus on the mindset. I had no idea I was holding tension in my body to such an extreme. I am learning tools like doing only what is right for me in the moment, rather than sticking with a schedule of activity and feeling like a failure for not improving. The focus on mindset to help save energy to direct towards healing is MONUMENTAL. I can’t put into words how excited I am to finally be making progress! Thank you so much! ” – Gin


In this brief video interview, Aditi shared how she used to be very hard on herself. However, being in my membership program helped her cultivate self-compassion. Her life has become easier and lighter. She particularly enjoyed our regular group meetings, where we shared our experiences. Aditi also mentioned that I am loving, compassionate, present, possess a wealth of helpful experience, and always provide insightful answers to the group members’ questions.

Before Jane joined my group, she was constantly worrying and frequently in tears. Now, she has become much more relaxed and finds joy in the little moments. On a recent Facebook post, she commented:

Julie is a brilliant, caring, funny holistic coach. I highly recommend her courses.”


The best part of the program was being part of a group and feeling motivated to keep going. When you’re alone, it’s easy to postpone things and put them aside, especially when they require energy. Having a coach and a structured system helped me put things into place for myself. Julie’s lovely, relaxed approach was a true inspiration. She is very knowledgeable, brilliant at answering questions and finding solutions, and adept at addressing challenges specific to CFS patients that others can’t clearly answer. I highly recommend her.”Al


I have continued to use what I have learned and have found that I feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually better. Julie is an excellent coach—encouraging and supportive.”Dorian


As I write this, I am realizing the overall difference this course has made in my life and healing. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart, Julie. I have always believed that things and people come into our lives when we need them most, and this rings true with you. I was desperate to find a way to heal not just physically but spiritually and emotionally, and I didn’t know where to turn. Then one day, there you were on my Facebook feed, and what a great day that was!… So thank you once again for what you do and the loving, nurturing, and caring way you do it. I wish you all the love, nurturing, and care back tenfold. With much love,”Leslie

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Woman jumping for joyWith the right support you get results!

Are you ready to stop wasting energy on stiving for better functioning? Do you want to put an end to struggling for better health? There are so many recovery programmes and interventions that can and do help many people, but pushing, striving and getting attached to wanting to see yourself at a particular level of funtionctioning, can get in the way of your progress and waste so much time and energy along the way. How much more energy are you will ing to waste? How much longer will you put living your life on hold until you get better? How many lost opportunities for joy? Choose to create joyful wellness now instead and let your future wellness unfold with ease!


Days and times of live sessions? These are provisionally set for Monday and Thursday. The Monday teaching session will alternate between early morning UK time and 4pm UK time (8am pacific; 9am Mountain; 11am Eastern). There will be two coaching groups one at 4pm UK time Thursday and one to suit people in Australia and New Zealand (TBC but probably early Friday morning). All sessions will be recorded. 

When does it start? The first live lesson will take place on the 18th September.

Length of Programme: There will be 12 weeks of this programme, but we may take break it up with a week off here and there.

Earlybird pricing available only until the 16th September

Why now? The sooner you begin, the sooner you can start enjoying an easier, more relaxed, more joyful and fulfilling life. The next time I run this programme (which won’t be until next year) I will be running it at the full price of £555.

When do I need to decide? The price will rise on the 16th to the full price of £555. Door will close on the 19th September or whenever the groups fill with 8 people each. (Whichever comes first).

Financial constraints due to illness? Take a moment to imagine feeling more at ease with your life, confident that you are moving towards joyful wellness and are finding ways of experiencing joyful wellness in the life that you have. Picture yourself no longer engaged in a constant battle with difficult emotions, but instead choosing to invest your energy in activities that bring you joy. What would that be worth to you?

Need a quick chat to discuss whether this is the right programme for you? Use my contact form to let me know your availability over the next few days, and don’t forget to let me know where you live and what time zone you are in!

Why choose me as your coach? Not only am I an experienced coach, who’s been working exclusively with people with long term health conditions for nearly 9 years, I have lived experience of creating joyful wellness despite dealing with the challenges of ME/CFS. I have personal experience of overcoming the very understandable but unhelpful thoughts about illness that get in the way of wellness. I’ve also become more and more proficient at manifesting ease, joy, wellbeing and whatever else I need in my life!

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Main image by MBatty from Pixabay