Welcome to my Group Coaching Affiliate Program!

This is a once or twice a year opportunity to earn €32 (about $37 or £28 depending on exchange rates) on any sign up to my group coaching program ‘Take Back Control from Chronic Illness for a More Relaxed, Balanced and Fulfilling Life’. The next campaign will be running from the 21st of March to the 4th April 2019

What’s involved:

  • Sending 2 emails to your email list promoting my free events and 1 promoting my paid coaching program (Draft emails will be provided) You’re welcome to send your own emails promoting these events in whichever way you may choose to, but my aim is to help you be successful with as little work as possible!
  • Promoting these events on your social media
  • Offering 5 places to your email list with a unique 33% discount code for the coaching program sign-up fee (limited places offer a scarcity trigger, the number of places you’d like to offer can be negotiated if you have a big email list)

More information:

I’ll be running a free 7-day mindful relaxed effortlessness challenge and 2 free workshops where I outline my 8 steps to taking back control from chronic illness to live a more relaxed balanced and fulfilling life. I believe that your list members will get great value from these popular free events.

I’ll then be selling my 26-week group coaching program.  This will involve a €96.80 sign-up fee (about $110 or £84) which includes the first month, followed by five monthly payments of €24.20 (about $28 or £21) . I’m offering your list a 33% discount code on the sign-up fee and each time your individual discount code is used you will earn €32 (about $37 or £28 depending on exchange rates). I will also offer my own list a 33% discount except for those who sign up for the relaxed effortlessness challenge who will only be offered 25% (so that if they have signed up from you, they will get a better discount from your correspondence!). I will also only offer 25% in any of my social media promotion or at my promotion at the free events, that way your list members and social media followers will have an advantage if they see my own promotion.

I have an elevated sign-up fee for two reasons, first it shows commitment to the program and will mean participants are more likely to invest in the work they will need to do to succeed. Secondly as soon as participants sign up they will have access to all of my valuable workbooks.

If you’d like to find out a little more watch this 10-minute video that I will be asking you to link to in the first email, in which I introduce myself and my free events, and talk about what I’ve learned about recovery.

You can also check out my testimonials page if you want to hear from people who have taken this program.

You could also watch the recordings of the two free workshops that I ran for my last launch.

8 Steps to taking back control 1

8 Steps to taking back control 2

Please email me for your unique discount code and promotional materials: julie@themecfsholisticcoach.com. I welcome any questions.