Achieving More Restorative Sleep

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5 week mini-course guiding you to overcome the challenges of the sleep difficulties that often accompany chronic illnesses like ME/CFS, and to learn skills that will contribute to more restorative sleep

  • Do you struggle to get to sleep, or wake up regularly and then struggle to get back to sleep?
  • Do you wake up in the morning not feeling as though your sleep has restored you in any way?

Frustration can leave you tossing and turning and drain even more of your limited energy, maybe even pushing you into an adrenaline state that makes sleep even more difficult and leads to PEM the next day.

Even when sleep goes as well as can be expected, we can often find we feel awful on waking and struggle to make a good start to the day.

Sleep difficulties are a regular issue with ME/CFS and similar illnesses, and poor sleep makes dealing with chronic illness even more challenging.

This 5 week mini-course, will guide you to overcome the challenges of sleep difficulties and to learn skills that will contribute to more restorative sleep.

This course includes 5 weekly group coaching/ support sessions which take place alternate Tuesday’s and Wednesdays at 4pm UK time (8am pacific, 11am Eastern) plus 5 weekly lessons that each include::

  • a short video (5-15 minutes)
  • a summary of the topics covered in the video
  • journaling suggestions to help you develop the skills
  • a short wellbeing practice to make improving your sleep skills easy (includes breathing practices, meditations and a great yoga nidra!)

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