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When energy is limited by chronic illness, it can be easy to focus it all on just one or two areas of your life. Maybe you focus your energy on getting better, or on contributing to others? Maybe you try to hold on to your old life and spend too much doing things socially that you used to be able to do? But when we ignore certain needs, because others shout louder or seem to offer satisfaction more easily, we can feel dissatisfied with life. Even worse the ignored needs can sneak up and shout out at inopportune moments.

Balancing how you spread your energy across you needs and finding ways to have satisfaction in the different areas of your life crucial to improving wellbeing. Without balance, peace is hard to find, and without peace there is little chance of healing.

It’s difficult to find balance if any of your needs are shouting too loudly though. If you’re still learning foundational illness management skills like pacing or acceptance, or if you’re in a crash or an acute phase the illness, this isn’t the right time for you to be taking this course.

However, if you’ve been living with chronic illness for a while, and have a range of illness management skills under your belt, but just don’t understand why you feel so dissatisfied with life, this 4-week coaching mini-course is for you.

The course consists of 4 lessons which each include:

  • a short video (5-15 minutes)
  • a summary of the topics covered in the video
  • journaling suggestions to help you develop the skills
  • a short wellbeing practice to make improving your skills easy

Ask any questions you have in a private Facebook group or join me live on the 3rd Friday of the month for a zoom Q&A.