Spoonie Self-Healing Support Group (March)

Tuesdays 4pm UK (5pm CET; 11am EST)

Do you believe that you can and will get better? Do you trust that with enough support your body will find a way to heal itself? Is meditation part of your self-help/healing strategy?

We meet every Tuesday afternoon, online, to offer each other support and understanding in our attempts towards living a happier and healthier life despite energy limiting chronic illness.

You can sign up and join each session with this link!

Enter this discount code to try out the month of March for FREE: LZXKXM74

You will need access to a PC or laptop as the platform isn’t yet accessible to devices. Registration takes a few minutes so make sure you do it in advance of the session!

Ground rules:

  • Positive focus on healing and moving forwards
  • Confidentiality, what others say in the group stays in the group (I won’t be recording these sessions)
  • Turn up on time (late-comers distract)
  • Participation and being fully present (no multitasking/ phones off etc.)
  • Respect, courtesy and looking for the best in other members.
  • Avoid unnecessary story telling. Respect each others time.

If you’d like to hear more about it watch this introduction.

2 thoughts on “Spoonie Self-Healing Support Group (March)”

  1. This group has been so great, supporting me with my self help aims and challenges.

    It also helps me to feel supportive, when I can offer ideas and encouragement to others travelling a similar path.

    It is good to know that I have that space each week where I will have contact with others aiming to improve their current situation in whatever way works for them, and some time to reflect on the weeks achievements.

    A great group Julie, thank you.

  2. I\\\\\\\’m finding this group very supportive, constructive and uplifting. It can feel very isolating living with a chronic illness and this group gives everyone participating the opportunity to help themselves and each other by sharing experiences and offering positive suggestions.

    I also find it very refreshing to talk to others that share similar health challenges to me. Knowing that they completely understand the issues I\\\\\\\’m talking about makes the conversations we have very natural and encouraging.

    A very warm welcome awaits anyone wishing to join us.


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