ME/CFS and Self-Healing Meditations 2: Inhibiting Pain and Self-Healing Visualisations

This is a follow up to an earlier post on self-healing meditation that I completely forgot that I’d promised. My profuse apologies for taking so long. Perhaps by now though, you will be more practised in the earlier techniques and ready to progress. The following exercise for inhibiting pain is very similar to the ‘prana distribution’ exercise described in that earlier post. Both rely on a breathing exercise known as rhythmic breathing. If you’re totally new to that practise its helpful to first become familiar with a breathing practise known as the complete breath. This is an edited exert from my book.

Inhibiting Pain

  • Breathe rhythmically
  • Whilst inhaling, imagine that you are drawing in a large amount of vital energy. There needs to be an aspect of command to this image: A wilful intention to draw in that energy. However allow your will to be effective without having to force or strain (relaxed effortlessness).
  • Whilst exhaling, focus your attention on the painful part of your body, imagine that the extra vital energy is focused on this part, improving circulation and balancing nerve activity.
  • Breath in more vital energy then on the next exhalation use the vital energy to drive out the painful condition
  • On alternate breaths stimulate the area and drive out the pain
  • Practise this for only a few breaths at a time with short rests in between.
  • Finish this practise by allowing your breath to return to its normal rhythm.
  • Gently rest your attention in the painful area. Be aware of your breathing: breathe into and out of this particular area. Let go of any intention, just breathe restfully at the site of the pain.

Liquid gold

Some people find that the image of liquid gold can facilitate these meditations. Imagine that the vital energy within your body takes the form of a soothing liquid gold. This can be warming if your pain has an aspect of coldness or cooling if your pain has an aspect of heat. On alternate exhalations first imagine this liquid gold enveloping the painful area, soothing it and bringing it health, then imagine the fresh liquid gold replacing the first amount which has now been contaminated and will be expelled with the exhalation. Each inhalation brings a fresh quantity of liquid gold to sooth and heal, replacing the older contaminated gold which is driven out.

Visualisation for self-healing

All kinds of imagery can be useful in healing meditations. Perhaps you can visualise in your mind, your stiff and painful muscles relaxing and becoming soft. Or maybe you can visualise an effective immune response. Even if it’s in the form of a cartoon army roaming your body and attacking the invaders! Perhaps you can visualise this army getting a good meal and a good night’s sleep before being sent into battle. Maybe it’s a Kung Fu army, experts in stealth and efficient combat. Maybe you can visualise yourself doing all the things you can usually do with good health, or visualise yourself having taken the next step towards that good health.

Some people find that their visual imagination isn’t very strong, it may be easier to imagine sounds or feelings rather that visual images. If this is the case for you make the most of your favoured modality. Imagine a sense of soothing, softening, lightness, spaciousness or relaxation as you focus your healing on a particular area. Or hear the soft buzzing sound of the vibrations of your healing energy. Perhaps you can somehow hear your cells expressing their relief and gratitude as you heal them.

The exact kind of imagery is only important in so far as it makes sense to you, be creative! What is important is spending a little time focusing on the positive intention of better health.

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A meditation for inhibiting pain and using visualisations for chronic illness self-healing


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