An Experiment in Trust: The ‘do what you feel like doing in any given moment’ principle

The last couple of weeks my energy levels haven’t been particularly high. It hasn’t quite reached crash level, but I was struggling to keep to my baseline. It’s very likely to do with season change which is probably a little later down here in the south of Spain than up in the UK. But the cause doesn’t really matter, I realised I was having to push to get what I normally get done, done and pushing is never good!

So I decided to experiment with the ‘do what I feel like doing at any given time’ principle and see if I could get by. It was tough! I often had thoughts of ‘you out to be doing some work now or you won’t earn enough this month’ or ‘you should really do that washing up’. I felt like I was being really indulgent, relaxing and reading every time I felt like it, even when I knew I had work to do. I found it even harder to let myself not do my afternoon yoga, even when I really didn’t feel like it.

My motivation was low as well as my energy and I had to bat away my thoughts about feeling as though I was being lazy. I wanted to commit fully to seeing what would happen if I listened to my whole self in every given moment, if I went with the flow and let go of the tyranny of the ‘shoulds’.

I have to say it was a resounding success. I got all the urgent work I needed to do, done and enough of the non-urgent but income providing work to keep me afloat. The washing up got done every day even though I only did it when I was feeling like I wanted to do it. I did my afternoon yoga 4 times in two weeks which actually seems quite a lot when I consider how unmotivated I felt in general. And I went for 3 lovely country walks. I still meditated every day, although generally only for about 10 minutes instead of 30. OK, I didn’t get a blog written last week, but was that the end of the world?

And I rested lots, and I didn’t crash. Although the low motivation hung around a while and I was sorely tempted to try and get a hold of myself and impose some strict self-discipline, I felt I wanted to continue with the experiment and see what happened if I just gave myself time. And here I am writing another blog. My motivation is rising and I had enough energy to go for a lovely long walk yesterday (2 miles+), and I still feel great today.

I know that my thoughts will keep nagging me and telling me to be more self-disciplined, and that I need to be more productive but I’ve discovered that the messages of my wholeness are completely trustworthy. I don’t have to listen to my thoughts in isolation. Doing what I feel like doing is the best thing for my organism as a whole!

Could you experiment with the ‘doing what you feel like doing in any given moment’ principle?

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