8 Steps to Taking Back Control (part 2)

Free online workshop Wednesday 11th Jan 4pm UK (11am EST)

Dealing with an energy limiting chronic illness can be overwhelming, we all want to live the best life we can but just how do we get there? This workshop is the 2nd of two exploring the 8 Steps you can take to a more relaxed, balanced and fulfilling life. A life where you are in control rather than your illness controlling you! We’ll be looking in detail at steps 5 to 8

Register Here: https://spirit.learnitlive.com/invite/class/10118/8-Steps-to-Taking-Back-Control-for-a-More-Relaxed-Balanced-and-Fulfilling-Life-Part-2

It may take a couple of minutes to register so please do so ahead of time! And if you know of anybody else who might benefit from this FREE resource please share the link! You’ll need a laptop or PC to join for free. To access it live using a device you need to download the following low price app: http://www.puffinbrowser.com/download/

If you missed part 1 you can watch the recording at this link: https://spirit.learnitlive.com/invite/class/10045/8-Steps-to-Taking-Back-Control-for-a-More-Relaxed-Balanced-and-Fulfilling-Life-Part-1

If you can’t join me live you’ll be able to watch the recording a few hours later from the same link, but if you can I’d love to meet you. I always seem to be able to share so much more when attendance is high and people are asking me questions!

Previous attendees said:

Inspiring: Julie truly knows what she is talking about.’ Al Ma
A great summarylooking forward to going through it all more slowly in the 11 week course’ Rhoda
Great Course and Excellent Tutor!!: Really useful tips for helping to manage a chronic illness. Thank you!!‘ Helen
Helpfull and inspiring: What is very helpfull for me is that Julie gives words to what I think and feel in away I can’t do myself .’ Anne-Marie
8 steps to taking back control from chronic illness: loved every minute of it learned a lot!’ Margie
Enjoyable, informative and supportive: It was great despite technical difficulties. Well structured, supportive, enjoyable. Thanks.’ Nikki
Calm and controlled: Technical issues handled brilliantly. Very well put together class, loads of great information and ideas. Enjoyable and informative even when sleepy.’ Lorraine

People who attended part 1 said:

‘Loved it: REally enjoyed the class and learning new and helpful things’ Sue
Excellent class: This was my first class with Julie. It was very interesting and I will use the tips she recommended. I’m looking forward to the next one. Only complaint I have is that the sound didn’t work for the first ten minutes.’ Anne
Excellent support for chronic fatigue: I enjoyed the class and got plenty of good inspiration and practical advice for dealing with the challenges of chronic fatigue syndrome. Thank you Julie’ Shelley
8 Steps: This class was very informative and I look forward to part two. Julie is a wonderful, knowledgeable teacher and her delivery is excellent.’ Chris
Special Thanks to Julie for Sharing Such a wonderful program: Julie is an excellent coach and Teacher and deserves High Praise for her generosity in explaining How Best to deal with having a C.I . through her 8 step Prog . . Julie dilutes the many difficult and challenging aspects into small and easily followed Steps ..Nuggets of Invaluable Information , Thank U Julie !!’ Treasa

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