Putting 2022 to bed

Ready for a great year ahead!

Last year I shared my process for ending the year constructively and I thought I’d share my answers with you again this year. I hope that it will inspire you to be kind to yourself and find a positive way of looking back so that you’re ready to leave it all behind and step powerfully into your future. Take the headings and answer them for yourself!

I talked about this in a Facebook live in my Spoonies with Purpose group on Thursday.

3 things that worked for my health

  1. The most powerful thing that has changed my wellbeing this year has been recognising my limiting beliefs about my health. I’ve realised how often I have thoughts about ‘I can’t’ or ‘if I do, I’ll suffer’. These thoughts tell my body what is expected of it and aren’t at all helpful. Tackling these thoughts has had some remarkable results.
  2. After a wonderful session with a law of attraction coach I wrote an affirmation about an unlimited flow of energy being constantly available to me. It took me a while to get into a mindset where I could really believe it, but when I did, it really made a difference to my sense of wellbeing. Another thing that helped me with this was practising meditations that connect me to sensing myself as an energetic being. This and the book ‘ask and it is given’ lead me to practising a though pattern of ‘I open to the flow of wellness’.
  3. Another thing that I changed this year was doing more repetitions of my tai chi warmup, on the advice of an alternative practitioner who felt that I needed to grounding myself more. Since doing this I’ve got so much more out of my tai chi, and really get a sense of how much better my energy is flowing by the end of it.

3 things I achieved this year

  1. Once I managed to tackle my limiting beliefs, I decided to stretch my walking limits a couple of times and I managed to walk 1km without any serious crash. I was careful to listen to my body, but most importantly I chose to believe that the energy was available to me.
  2. I didn’t have the best year with my veggie plot, but I did grow plenty of vegetables organically and ate kale for breakfast many, many times. I think it’s so important to celebrate what you do manage to do, even when it falls a little short of what you were hoping for!
  3. I’m not sure that this fits the definition of achievement, but I’m going to celebrate is as such anyway. I spent the year constantly learning and growing. I’ve fully engaged in two courses this year as well as reading several self-development books and expanded my meditation skills.

3 things I’m grateful for

  1. I’m really grateful for my friend Jackie for taking me on two pod/cabin holidays and being so understanding and respectful of my needs. Those holidays have been the highlights of my year and I couldn’t have done them without you Jackie!
  2. I’m really grateful for having a warm and loving home, abundant healthy food, supplements, and essential oils. I have what I need and there is ease in my life
  3. I’m grateful for being introduced to the board game Azul (Thanks to Jackie again!) It’s been such a gentle way to have fun. My parents really enjoy it too and it’s great for my Dad who has Alzheimer’s

And another 3…

  1. I’m really grateful for all the woods and forest I’ve visited this year. I just love being in woodland, it feeds my spirit. I visited several on holidays but I also discovered a couple of new (to me) ones that are nearby and don’t take too much energy to visit.
  2. I’m always so grateful for having space to grow veggies, and I’m grateful for the collaboration with my dad who did more of the physical work, and my Mum who did a bit of weeding from time to time.
  3. Another thing I’m grateful for is the internet. Particularly online shopping in all its forms and the way it helps me to connect with people. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live with this illness without the internet!

This list could go on and on, but in the interest of brevity I’ll move it along…

3 things I’m leaving behind me

  1. The most important thing that I’ll be leaving behind me this year is believing I can’t do things.
  2. Closely related is having a mindset that is all about limitations. That’s staying in 2022 and I will be looking for expansion and opportunities in 2023
  3. Finally, I choose to let go of feeling unsafe about physical contact with wider society. Despite extremely limited contact with people physically this year, I got covid anyway and I seem to be faring pretty well. Get ye behind me infection avoidance!

pin showing the calendar on the last day of the year, representing putting the year to bedMy final part of the putting the year to bed process is a commitment…

As I leave 2022 behind me, I joyfully let go of all that did not serve me and open myself up to a new year full of opportunities for fresh healing, growing peace, expanding love, satisfying purpose, profuse gratitude, flowing abundance and blissful joy.

P.S. I’ll be offering a free masterclass, starting on the 9th of Jan to support you to get off to a great start in 2023. Sign up below to hear more, or join my Spoonies with Purpose facebook community.

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