Ending the Year Constructively

The thing that I most enjoy about this time of year, is the opportunity to put the past year behind me armed with wisdom gained that will serve me in the year to come.

I have a very easy process that I follow, that allows me to reflect in a constructive way. This year I started a little early by listing 101 things that I had achieved, or experiences I was grateful for from the year. That was fun, but it took me a while to come up with so many. Here I’d like to share an easier way to put the year to bed:

3 things that worked for me in 2021

  1. The thing that has been most powerful for me this year has been mastering surrender. With my declining health following the vaccines, I had little choice but to let go. When I fully embraced it, I realized just how powerful surrender is. In fact, it reminded me that my original recovery came as a result of being relaxed and effortless and going with the flow, which are all qualities that result from surrender. This year the more fully I surrendered to what was, the more I let go of any form of resistance, pressure or striving, the more I started to get a glimpse of improvement.
  2. Although this falls under the category of surrender, I found that letting go of even the most consistent of my self-help practices was what I needed at times. Since I first learned tai chi during my first bout of ME/CFS, I’ve practiced just about every morning. But this year I found many times when doing it would have meant resistance or striving. And somewhat surprisingly, I found that when it feltlike I needed to let it go, I didn’t suffer for not doing it. In fact, I grew in confidence that I was optimizing my use of energy and giving myself the best chance to improve.
  3. Often when I crash and my brain chemistry is affected, I find myself in a kind of flat joyless emotional state. I realized that this was a state of emotional disconnect and really wasn’t helpful, especially when there was so much of it this year. When I noticed myself in that state, I would remind myself to offer myself compassion for my distorted brain chemistry. I found that being in a state of compassion was a much lighter place to be, than in that heavy state of being switched off.

Pin for leaving the year behind you3 things that I achieved

  1. I kept my membership programme going all year, running a support group and a coaching group every week, creating new modules and turning them into mini-courses
  2. I ran two free 5-day masterclasses
  3. I finished a paint by numbers painting that took 9 months of 20 minutes at a time

3 things that I’m grateful for

  1. The lovely members of my programme, who are such a delight to work with and have formed such a supportive community
  2. My lovely holidays this year, my parents and friend for taking me, and supporting me with all the adaptations I had to make.
  3. You, for reading my blog and giving me a sense of purpose!

3 things that I’m leaving behind me

  1. Expecting any improvements in my health to be slow
  2. Being too focused on growing my business instead of enjoying my business
  3. Disconnecting to get through, I choose to fully embrace discomfort instead and raise my vibration with self-compassion

I like to finish this process with a commitment:

As I leave 2021 behind me, I joyfully let go of all that did not serve me and open myself up to a new year full of opportunities for fresh healing, growing peace, expanding love, profuse gratitude, flowing abundance and blissful joy.

To make it really easy for you, I’ve created a pdf version HERE which you can download, print and fill in

Next week I’ll share my intention setting process, a much gentler and more effective process than setting new years resolutions.

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