101 Things I Did this Year – Yes Really!

A couple of weeks ago, I had an email from Leonie Dawson titled ‘100 things I did in 2021’ and it made me think. As a chronically ill person, whose functioning has be worse than it’s been for years, could I list 100 things I’ve done this year? So I thought I’d try. I can also be a tad competitive, so I went for 101!

The point of this exercise is to focus on experiences that you’ve been grateful for, as well as things that you’ve achieved. It took me a while to get to 100 and I had to focus on many little things, but that’s how it is with a chronic illness. But It’s been fun all the same and it’s helped me realise that even with the limited energy that I’ve had this year, I’ve actually achieved a lot!

  1. I had the Pfeizer vaccine (twice) at a large vaccination centre
  2. I visited my doctor’s surgery once
  3. I had some blood tests at the hospital once
  4. I spoke to my doctor on the phone 2 or 3 times
  5. I finished a paint by numbers picture that took 9 months
  6. I started a new paint by numbers
  7. I finished several jigsaw puzzles
  8. I completed over 100 sudoku puzzles
  9. I’ve coloured in several pages of my adult colouring book
  10. I made jam
  11. I made rhubarb gin
  12. I made Christmas puddings
  13. I made courgette and walnut gluten free rolls
  14. I made several lacto-free, gluten free, no added sugar cheesecakes to celebrate special occasions
  15. I made chocolate truffles for various friends and family members birthdays
  16. I did our grocery shopping online every week and helped put it away
  17. I’ve walked 100m to our local shop and back nearly every week
  18. I cooked nearly 300 evening meals with fresh ingredients (with help)
  19. I prepared or helped prepare nearly that number of lunches
  20. I helped clean out the fridge
  21. I went on a 2-night cabin break in the Welsh mountains with a friend
  22. We played a new two person board game called Patchwork, which I really enjoyed
  23. I had a picnic lunch in forests twice
  24. I visited a lovely little waterfall and a couple of reservoirs
  25. I’ve lain or a tree trunk star gazing
  26. I’ve taken my afternoon rest in a hammock
  27. I went on a week’s holiday to Devon with my parents
  28. I had lunch in a café once
  29. I had a drink (green tea) in or outside a café 4 times
  30. I’ve been into two overwhelmingly busy motorway service stations
  31. I rode a small open air steam train around the lovely Bicton Park gardens, and saw some amazing trees
  32. I stood at the top of a cliff
  33. I listed to the sound of the waves from a promenade next to a beach
  34. I listened to a talk about donkeys at the donkey sanctuary
  35. I walked more than 500 meters 5 times (3 of which on my different holidays)
  36. I watched several webinars for coaches and entrepreneurs
  37. I took part in an online challenge
  38. I’ve found my way around a new laptop
  39. I read about 200 romance novels on my kindle
  40. I’ve probably watched about 50 easy-going films on Netflix
  41. I’ve watched several of the most light-hearted series on Netflix as well as a couple of dramas that didn’t have too much tension in them
  42. I sewed vegetable seeds and nurtured them in the conservatory until they were ready to plant out
  43. I planted vegetable seedlings in the garden (with help)
  44. I kept the vegetable plot watered (with help when I wasn’t well enough)
  45. I harvested our vegetables mostly straight from garden to kitchen to table
  46. I blanched a few homegrown vegetables for freezing
  47. I dried some oregano and rosemary from the garden
  48. I expanded my collection of essential oils
  49. I made custom body oils for a couple of my friends
  50. I’ve had visits from 3 of my friends
  51. I’ve had dinner with my extended family a couple of times
  52. I’ve met weekly online with my social entrepreneur support group
  53. I’ve met weekly online with a Power of 8 healing group
  54. I’ve run a weekly support group
  55. I once facilitated my support group from a shepherd’s hut
  56. I’ve run a weekly coaching group
  57. I’ve run a monthly meditation group
  58. I’ve worked with several clients one to one
  59. I’ve created 8 new modules for my membership programme
  60. I’ve made 8 coaching mini-course available on my website
  61. I’ve turned one of those courses into a self-study e-course
  62. I ran a 5-day masterclass for ‘grounding your inner peace’
  63. I ran a 5-day masterclass for ‘preparing for peaceful and joyful holidays’
  64. I started working with a wonderful virtual assistant
  65. I opened and Instagram account
  66. I ran an online workshop for holding your holiday boundaries
  67. I hosted an online cuppa and a chat
  68. I wrote 28 blog posts
  69. I wrote 2 articles for ProHealth
  70. Several of my old articles have been reposted by ProHealth
  71. I helped a new postman find a road he couldn’t find
  72. I’ve practiced Tai Chi about 300 times about a third of which outdoors
  73. I’ve practiced my 20-min home Yoga routine no more than 50 times (far less than in previous years)
  74. pin showing 1 of the 101 things I've done this yearI’ve re-established my meditation practice
  75. I’ve listened to a variety of new guided meditations
  76. I’ve created several new guided meditations for my meditation group
  77. I’ve used my journal for my personal growth
  78. I’ve eaten Indian takeaway
  79. I’ve eaten Turkish takeaway
  80. I started tracking my walks
  81. I’ve been into town twice
  82. I’ve had an eye test
  83. I’ve had a bra fitting
  84. I’ve had one charity shop shopping spree
  85. I’ve got really good at surrendering when my energy is really low
  86. I’ve been very kind to myself
  87. I was nominated for 8 WEGO health awards
  88. I had a phone call from someone from Greenpeace, thanking me for being a member for 30 years
  89. I’ve started decluttering (very slowly)
  90. I’ve filled the bird feeders when my parents were away
  91. I’ve walked around the garden regularly and taken photos of anything pretty or interesting
  92. I’ve upcycled a T shirt that had holes in it by sewing on pieces of lace over the holes (with help)
  93. I’ve kept my kefir going for over 9 months
  94. I’ve made various donations to campaigns, charities, ‘go fund me’ s, and Kiva (which gives loans to people who can’t access financial support) in addition to the charities I support monthly or annually
  95. I offered 2 prizes to a chronic illness Christmas giveaway
  96. I started using a light therapy lamp for the first time
  97. I’ve run (although somewhat inconsistently because of my health) a Facebook group called ‘Spoonies with Purpose, making the world a better place’
  98. I’ve sent a parcel of second-hand books to a friend in Spain that have been passed around the English speakers in the village
  99. I’ve had online calls with people in at least 8 different countries
  100. I put fairy lights up on a book case in the darkest room of the house to brighten things up in the winter months.
  101. I’ve made my no added sugar mincemeat, so I can have my damage limitation (gluten free) mince pies this Christmas.

Could you write a list like this? Aim to think of things that you’ve enjoyed or achieved, no matter how small. And take some time, it won’t all come to you at once!

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