Updating my affirmations

In the last year or two I’ve become a big fan of affirmations. I’ve had some amazing results with them, particularly in how they help me approach life with a more open and positive frame of mind. By helping me open up to a more positive mindset I’ve seen opportunities that I wouldn’t have seen before and taken action that I wouldn’t have taken. Earlier this year affirmations helped me build my self-care back up, when my motivation was very low after a particularly persistent setback and got my thinking primed for joy, in preparation for when my brain chemistry was ready for it again!*

I do find though, that I can only use the same affirmation for so long before I start getting bored, so I rewrite them regularly. I often still need to express the same kind of things but using slightly different words to change the nuance. I think the first thing that can be helpful when choosing affirmations is to consider if you have any automatic thought patterns that get in the way of making progress with your happiness and well-being.

In my last post, I talked about my realisation that I have a limiting belief around my gut health. I seem to have a general attitude towards my digestive difficulties that the issue is too complex, nothing I try seems to work, I might be able to settle things a little but it’s probably not going to get better. It may be that this attitude is based on 8 years of trying all sorts of exclusion diets and supplements, with little progress, but even though it may be evidence based, on a mind body level it’s really just giving my body the message that it’s expected to continue in that similar dysfunctional state. So, a priority for updating my affirmations is to strengthen a more helpful mindset that will give my gut a message that supports its healing:

My healthy gut flora get stronger every day

I trust my gut flora to regain a healthy balance

Everything I eat is easily digested

In a similar way, I aim to give my body commands that I expect it be working towards a healthier state. I like to consider the ways I believe it is dysfunctional and out of balance and use an opposing message in my affirmations:

My cells have all they need for optimal healthy functioning

My immune system is healthy and strong

My energy and vitality are increasing every day

My energy flows freely and in balance

One of my constant struggles is the push to be productive and make my business successful so I definitely need affirmations to help keep my belief in the importance of filling my own cup and living my message at the forefront of my awareness:

Nurturing myself is my highest priority

My self-care routines support my productivity and purpose

Everything can be effectively achieved in small chunks with regular breaks

Living with peace and balance encourages  others to find peace and balance

I also need to tackle a limiting belief that financial success and abundance are unlikely to be achieved by someone like me, and if so, only through forceful drive and stressful hard work:

I trust that money flows to me easily in expected and unexpected ways

I easily attract the people who need what I have to offer

My commitment to sharing my gifts is generously rewarded

My expanding wealth enables me to serve my purpose and empower others to serve theirs

My gratitude attracts the flow of abundance to all areas of my life

Another thing that I can easily lose track of is how important being present in the here and now is, and that love and joy need cultivating with attention:

I regularly check into the present moment, paying attention to my breathing and senses

In the present moment, I find beauty and wonder in the little things

My heart is filled with joy

I pay attention to expressing and sharing my joy

I am overflowing with love for all beings

I pay attention to expressing and sharing my love

Have you updated your affirmations recently?

*I often find joy elusive during a setback, not because of my thought patterns but simply because my brain chemistry doesn’t seem to be able to support it.

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