Using Aromatherapy to tackle Sleep Disturbance

Completing the theme of sleep disturbance there is one more tool that I have found useful: Essential oils.
I have successfully used a variety of essential oils in my battle to tackle sleep disturbance. They can be used in various ways. A few drops can be added to water in an oil burner for a couple of hours before your go to bed (remember to blow out the candle before you go to bed!).  A couple of drops could be added to a carrier oil before being added to an evening bath. Alternatively a few drops can be mixed with a carrier massage oil (such as sweet almond oil or sunflower oil) and massaged into the head, neck and face, especially around the forehead and temples. Some oils can be effective with just a drop or two on your pillow at night.
  • In the oil burner a mixture of 2 drops of clary sage and 1 drop of lemon is a wonderfully relaxing blend that promotes sleepiness when you are feeling mentally exhausted. Use bergamot, orange or melissa instead of lemon in this mix if you are also feeling a little low. Similarly 2 drops of sandalwood and 1 drop of neroli could be used as a soothing and comforting blend to help bring peace at the end of a day.
  • A blend of 2 drops of lavender and 1 drop of geranium either in the oil burner in or in the bath has a wonderful calming effect especially when you’re feeling anxious.
  • A wonderfully relaxing blend for the bath or for massaging the head, neck and face would be 2 drops of lavender and one drop each of roman chamomile and neroli, mixed into a carrier oil.
  • Marjoram is particularly good for putting a drop on your pillow when you go to bed, but you could also use lavender or roman chamomile in the same way.
Does anyone have any other favourite essential oils that are helpful for sleep disturbance?
For more detail on how essential oils can help with sleep see this link:
I’m off on holiday next week so I’ve prepared a couple of book reviews to post while I’m away. When I’m back I’m going to start posting on a Friday instead of a Wednesday, as I don’t arrive back until late on Wednesday night.

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