Getting Over a Local Aneasthetic

Apologies for not writing a proper post today. I had to have a tooth out yesterday and I need to take it easy to get over the anaesthetic. I told the dentist about my condition and asked him to use as week an anaesthetic as possible, but an extraction isn’t the same as a filling: its a shock to the body and the anaesthetic is really needed to minimise that shock. I accepted a balance had to be sought.

Yesterday I rested and drank lots and lots of water to try and flush the poison out of my system and after the first hour or so I didn’t feel too bad. I even woke feeling fairly good today but attempting a little activity has given me a clear message I need more rest. As I have to work over the weekend I’m going to give myself a complete break and not blog again until next week.

Take care all of you and rest up when you need too!

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