A Vision that Safely Inspires

FREE online workshop Friday 4th November 10.30am UK 11.30am CET

Does your chronic illness stop you from dreaming of a better life? A vision of a better life can inspire you to work better at illness management and patiently take the small steps towards a more relaxed, balanced and fulfilling life. Join me to find out how to safely motivate yourself towards a better future and take that first step towards creating a life worth dreaming about. You’ll also learn how to identify the essence of this vision and how you can start to look for that essence earlier on in your journey.

Register here now ans set an alarm to remind you!  https://spirit.learnitlive.com/invite/class/9927/A-Vision-that-Safely-Inspires You’ll need a laptop or PC to join for free. To access it live using a device you need to download the following low price ap: http://www.puffinbrowser.com/download/

Here’s what previous participants thought of the workshop:

A new way of aiming for improvement: Helpful for anyone – not just those of us with ME. A useful way to picture what we want to achieve in life, find out why, and make the most of the journey to get there’ Rhoda
Very uplifting: I felt very optimistic and motivated by taking part in Julie’s class. It’s an excellent way of focusing on our goals and priorities.’ Julie
Amazing as always: I watched on the recording. – thought provoking, full of well presented great information and a meditation I shall return to’ Lorraine
Great stuff: Julie’s presentations never fail to hit the spot. This one was no exception. Julie is always realistic and doesn’t try and promise miracles. She is clear and precise and practical. It’s extremely hard for those of us with chronic health problems but Julie shows us ways to manage our illnesses so that we totally can get the best out of our lives.’ Jane
Inspiring: Plenty of optimism for the future and practical advice.’ Angela
EXcellent Advice‘ Treasa
Found this too late? Don’t worry, you can use the same link to watch the recording!

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