Spoonies Guide to Saying NO

A FREE online workshop Sunday 30th October 5pm CET (4pm UK, 12pm EDT)

Another chance to explore why we find it difficult to say  no and look at ways to overcome those challenges!

Register Here: https://spirit.learnitlive.com/invite/class/9910/Spoonies-Guide-to-Saying-No It may take a couple of minutes to register so please do so ahead of time! If you know of anybody else who might benefit from this FREE resource please share the link!

Messages from previous attendees:

‘I would Highly Recommend these Classes with Julie as they have been the best psychological and social support for me in dealing with the various issues of having an Illness’ Angela

‘Motivating and supportive….I recommend Julie Holliday’ Barbara

‘Lots of relevant stuff. So much to think about’ Lorraine

‘Thank you! Very helpful points Julie’ Donna

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