Rising Beyond these Challenging Times

As a person with chronic illness my life didn’t change in very big ways as a result of the corona virus lock down. I’d already had to learn to live a very limited life, with very little time spent outside the home, excluding gentle exercise and grocery shopping. I’d already learned that happiness isn’t about the highlights, it’s about the little moments of joy, love and connection. I’ve been at an advantage because I’ve already dealt with the losses of restrictions and have been in a better place to be working towards creating a new normal.

Here’s my vision of how we could rise to the challenge of creating a better world as a result of recent events. Some may say it’s ridiculously idealistic, but imagine how much more of an impact we could have, if we weren’t afraid to dream and chose to start taking small steps, one at a time, towards it.

Working less and enjoying home more

We choose to work less and put a focus on a more relaxed way of life instead of busting a gut to pay for things to console us for how hard we work. We spend more time enjoying home life. We have more time to be creative and express ourselves fully. We enjoy vegetable gardens or access to a community allotment, exchanging seedlings and later produce, in our local community dramatically reducing carbon footprints. We enjoy a slower pace of life, mindfully appreciating little moments of joy and opportunities we get to connect with friends and family.

Not taking connection for granted

When we spend time with people, we stay present to the wonderful connection. We recognise the value of love and show gratitude for all we receive. We regularly call and connect on line, showing interest and connecting meaningfully.

We understand the commonality of humanity and recognise the sameness of both our neighbours and the global community, instead of the differences. We recognise the rewards of taking care of others and giving to the community. Because we are no longer stressed by working too hard, we have time to notice what we can do to help.

More equal distribution of pay and valuing all contributions

As a result of recognising the important contribution of our key workers during the time of crisis we recognise how interconnected every person’s job is and hold a higher value for jobs that were once dismissed as menial. Having a recognition of how important all roles are to our lives, motivates us to want to see a more equal distribution of wealth. We consider this when voting, and recognise our responsibility to others when engaging with democracy. Having seen the horrific consequences of ignoring our responsibility to create a fair and equal society, we put that before our own selfish needs when voting.

Taking care of the planet/ reducing carbon footprint

We enjoy cleaner air and recognise the importance of taking care of our planet. We’ve learned to place a higher value on enjoying nature, and having clear evidence of the value of reducing our carbon footprint, travel for nature becomes a special treat. We’ve learned to connect with the nature in our gardens and local parks, having discovered that adventure is as much about how you look at things, as it is about where you get to visit. As we are now taking much better care of the environment nature thrives all around us.

Now that we are more aware that it’s not too late, small actions on a large scale really can have a huge impact on our environment, we choose to be conscious of how we can influence change through our purchasing choices. Choosing local and ethical wherever possible

We each recognise our own power as agents of change

It is through the collective action of staying at home that we were able to take care of our vulnerable. We continue to take personal responsibility for taking steps that can help to make the world a better place. Whilst engaging in democracy to encourage change, we recognise the power in being the change we want to see in the world.

How we can rise beyond these challenging timesWe choose to focus on love instead of fear and hate

It’s been a difficult and scary time, but we’ve learned that what you focus most on grows. We’ve found that focusing on love feels good in the moment and has a ripple effect beyond anything we can imagine. Little by little we make a conscious effort to act from a place of love, especially in those moments we notice ourselves feeling fearful. And the love just grows.

I’d love you to consider if this is asking too much of you. If it’s possible to do as an individual, it’s possible to do as a society! Please share widely if you think you could rise in this way and encourage others to do the same.

How would you like to see us rising through this challenge?

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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