Mindful Relaxed Effortlessness Challenge 2023

Its back! It’s been 4 years since I ran this challenge, but it’s such a helpful skill I had to bring it back!

What will you do with your extra energy?

Approaching everything we do with an attitude of mindful relaxed effortless reclaims huge amounts of energy otherwise wasted on tension and striving.

Being in a state of relaxation is absolutely essential if we are to direct our body’s resources to healing.

But this is a very different way of being to the ways that helped us be successful in our pre-illness life. Join my FREE challenge and put yourself on a new, more helpful path to wellbeing

Starts Monday 3rd Julye 2023

This 7 day challenge will help you:

  • let go of tension and striving
  • create more ease in your day to day life
  • reclaim energy to spend on whatever you choose
  • enable your body to spend more time in a healing state
  • rediscover the joy of living in the present  moment
  • lay crucial foundations for thriving with ease and joy

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